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Sunday, May 25, 2008

patient enough to hesitate

I hesitate to do things for my kids,
and tell myself, "it is better to be patient."
Can anybody help me with the difference between
hesitation and patience?
I have a feeling that that it can't be explained
(like an answer)
but can inspire an experience to share.



Blogger jim said...

In the beginning sentences of chap 2 of genesis, OT (Torah), we find 'hesitation', in the apparent sense of not yet formed, but exactly as 'interrupted'. Considering that the whole creation was to be a continuous whole streaming, flowing, flow, then that was interrupted so as to allow other things to take place within the flow or with it.

Considering the letters, as you know I do, to define the words understandings, you can get this that I will now say, but this is not to limit the flow from this word.

If you take day 3 where the waters that were immediately present to consciousness, and you raise that up to the highest level of thought and understanding possible for 'me', that 'highest' meaning, more or less, the fullest and most inclusive state of conscious holding, then you have the place of hesitation, hesitation in the flow that would, if continued without interruption, bring to 'sight' some matter, material, and all that is implied in such like relationships and forms of conceptual contexts. Hesitating in that flow allows what already is there where the flow would be, to take its course or have its way. The hesitation is far ahead of the reality that could be had, while the patience involved is found in the allowed reality that is taking place.

This word is always an adverb, and is usually involved in a future indication affecting a past tense action.

The patience is usually indicative of being embroiled in some way with what is going on immediately.

Just some thoughts, by the way, hope and expectation belongs to patience, not hesitation, as if hesitation is sure, but patience involves hope.

6/17/08, 2:56 PM  

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