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Journaling conceptual design trends, mostly as "stream of consciousness" as encouragement. Environmental resolve will teach us peace. Paradox mediation provides the next healthy attitude.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

education beyond reason

The stress a good education can relieve seems to deserve
the stress this society has put on it.
Why can't most of what we do (and feel) be considered learning?
The compartmentalizing of subjects also happens between requirements and other questions of pertinent values or teach us to focus (while growing ADD confronts us).
To taking advantage of a system there are feelings of victimization in reaction.
How we handle the rights of a victim have been questionable to fairness.
Do you think by asking (appropriate) questions the educational system can expand?
If you think everyone can be successful in a competitive society, how well are the principles of sharing being taught?
Anything given can be an investment with the spirit of appreciation.
Loss demands a payment of respect and teaches (us) how to pay attention.
The real answers are about emotional honesty, thinking becoming mindfulness.
Improvement as approve-meant is a worthy word-game, judgment is meant to balance criticism with approval, balance can impose intuition (when unexpected.)
To confront denial is the first treatment for depression, because if we deny education there will be a depression.
Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman) opened me up to a subject I call Emotionography,
fathom the depths, discover the currents, harvest hidden resources, explore the shores, etc. The link to Barker Mediation is the teacher who first inspired the word at a Sonoma State University course, Conflict Resolution Dept.

honk for confusion

At our local farmer's market the clots of drivers check-mate all moves in the parking lot. As I was pulling out of my space someone (I never cared to identify) honked at me . . they could have meant hurry-up or stop. How much of what I hear people say is actually the opposite? how much of what I say IS just honking (for any attention)?

Monday, July 30, 2007

Financial considerations . . .

. . since nothing can undermine the equality concept as quickly,
there is no stronger parasite to democratic foundation.
Taxation was considered the main motivation to split
the more-free people of American frontiers from how
monarchy considers the whole country and colonies property
of one family as a standard of supremacy.

Currency is flow of power through value systems.
American democracy holds the innovative currency to invest
in struggles with slavery and other effects of exploitation.
Exploration is the manifest destiny of creativity
so the paths must be mapped statistically to relate
response of return factors that can appreciate changes
in form fixation on symbolic supremacy such as gold.

Appreciation is the preferred behavior (of financial consideration)
which chooses to reward use of resources which encourage
participation in a system of support.
The man-made aspect of value judgment has toxic pricing.
The paradox of comparing a lack of financial backing with
a lack of awareness is the expense of punishment.

To invest in risk factors invokes intuitive feelings of emotional stability.
Removing financial considerations from everyday life might offer
a stability to social values beyond considerations created by financial binds.
Excessive attention to something as powerfully conceptual needs balancing
before conditions become symptomatic of pathology (by criminal intent definitions.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

relativity theory

Relative memories is ALL reality reduces to (in basic awareness.)
Laws document historical conflicts into physical decisions.
Let's transpose the law of relativity theory;
Energy (of relative awareness) equals physical (Mass) Contact Shared (squared) in placement and duration (space and time.)
Conceptual relation starts on the principle that all human beings share an equality of form and how we become aware of that sets up the emotions that create standards of response.

Respect is the spirit of healthy attitude because properties (of respect) point to qualities of creative understanding.
Infantile perspective believes everything (and everybody) was created to care for ME until potty-training teaches US the disrespectful element of shit, and how to be discreet.
The importance of others becomes respect through the feelings of responsibility that maintain relation principles of comfortable attention sharing.
How much I project that YOU want to hear these ideas means I relate, respond, and respect principles that relax standards, so we can compost the shit laws.
Education is the ecology of growing awareness/ a-where-ness of course graduation benefits.

Friday, July 27, 2007

speaking loose ends . . .

I see value in loose-ends I let clutter my life. The stories (I attach to potential uses of those accumulated memories) extend some kind of balance that can be shared. The way I tell stories too often sounds parental, like I'm trying to teach but the parable is that I'm always (more) willing to learn (than most others.) Many times the listener gets it that I am improvising the interview to actually reveal more of myself (to myself.) This is the chance to relax denial.
The critical squeeze (reflex) tries to make less as an imposed restriction, we back others (and ourselves) into corners. The balance of approval takes patience to incubate (& liberate), meanwhile denial becomes depressing. Adults seem to like a balanced approach but (me) becoming child-like helps others use their parental-edge to lift out of denial a little.
I need to set-up their critical reflex to give them a grip on what to approve.
There is a "tell" behavior when people can't open to suggestion . . .
the "need to listen" rhetoric everyone uses to excuse impatience.

I digress . .

Thanks, Neil Cya @

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

freedom from despair

In the Garden of Eden, The Tree of Knowledge forces God to make the distinction between Good and Evil when enforcing the judgment to expel Adam and Eve. Judgment is the seed of despair. The curse of awareness is shame and blame, those who have the most are trying hardest to sell it because they need it to be valued.
Observation is the art of poetic detachment. Learning how to neutralize defensive reflexes keeps me from feeling offensive. I understand being a victim of judgment by giving everyone credit for the exercises imposed on them. When care becomes less conditional you can free others from some of their conditions (of judgment and despair.) If judgment was less good could despair be less (evil)?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Impeach meant . .

I have been responding to Democratic fundraising notices with consciousness raising responses;
~ we know the system has been hijacked
~ evidence of election manipulation keeps getting more accepted
~ frustration (and polarity) is reflexively amplified rather than addressed, really

If you don't admit what a victim this country is becoming to this executive branch you won't IMPEACH the progress of this trend.
~ All money spent on government is a liability, those payed to represent must pay (attention, respect, etc.) to resulting loss of unity, rights, property, family values, freedom, spirit of trust, etc.
~ consensus of criminal behavior exemplified by highest influences turning the execution of governmental policies into insurgent behavior on indigenous population.
~ the expansion of penal colonies beyond comprehension.

~ your only hope to be a United States of American is to IMPEACH the hijackers,
~ the tipping point of actions are offering a reaction (of IMPEACHMENT) that could appreciate the contributions (of accepting difference) made by the founding fathers above any past investment of legal theory exercise
~ All the money spent on all campaigns were the national budget (of contribution) so that elected positions were donations by the most altruistic interest groups.
~ elections became a demonstration of auditioning character extremes of a nations' best personalities (charisma) and could be inclusive (like Lincoln's cabinet.)
~ a new system of consensus building was forming right under your nose and the only focus necessary was IMPEACHMENT.

Please consider how fast things are changing and need progressive libertarianism
to center the democratic process and put capitalism behind the bars of the bank
that Hamilton must have idealized as a public servant (extending credit, not
extorting it.) Impeach the capitalistic extortionist from your attitude (& extend

Friday, July 20, 2007

arrogance 2 U?

To believe in stability takes a traditional type of arrogance (from experience.)
Arrogance is defensive posturing indicating offensive needs (to project.)

Validation is a need for others that I take (as much as it is offered.)

Conditional acceptance begins the battle of beholding and starts the Power Trip.
Weakness is seen in flexibility but relaxing is a power* of patience (*energy.)
Energy is a free-access to vitality which is a magnetic balancing of what repels and attracts as a motion producing intercourse.

My side of this balance allows most observers to project arrogance on my screen.
I work at neutral statements of fact that can't help but sound like I'm trying to change attitudes from needs of defense to simple existence (respect of the right to exist at rest.)
It is vital to project freely to all those willing to amplify freedom (defensivelessly.)
What you see . . is inside you (as just dessert) and my screen relates freedom to express, can you grasp my jello? (Is poetic license (vague hints) arrogance?) Peace is (worth)work(ing) 4 unconditional help

profit motives cost

Profit is a concept attached to producing product.
America has the opportunity to create new values as product production moves to Asia, South America, Africa, and other developing economies. Evolving the inclusion of more classes to our social system will redefine credit.

The aspects of American society that earned recognition for minimal profit potential are homemakers, caregivers, teachers , educational workers, etc. The dangerous precedent is that these jobs represent the rising trends that need attention. The entitlement of educational encouragement is due to the Information Age that has replaced the Industrial Revolution. How methodology improves so fast is due to Service Era competition. These trends give credit to evolving processes.

Profit depends on the completion which makes advantage of stability factors that are only a small percentage of what living is about. The profit distribution system betrays the value standards that allow the administrative controllers to take advantage of production laborers.

Not-for-profit is how most Americans (and other people) are living. Sustainability deserves a credit that can't be taken advantage of. Because America doesn't have a national health plan only makes it more evident. The relationship between health plans and job security shows how unhealthy our working attitude has become with unbalancing responsibilities. Family (and self) care depends on governmental provisions for property and conceptual ownership.

Contribution is a spiritual investment that religions can call donations. Values can shift away from the profit (taking) advantage to the comfort of contribution (giving) when we see ourselves as self-employed service participants of altruistic projects.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

flash from past

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projecting theory

The projection theory is
that I am the story
(that is (my) life),
everyone else is a screen
that projects a character I am developing,
how it holds together is the continuity of my responsibility to relationship.

(Self) Respect is the currency that powers awareness,
appreciation is the creative source, dis-respect dims the light,
the source of all light is the sun, the center of the SOLar system,
projecting simple principles of formatting a-whereness.

How everything takes shape is more personal responsibility
than projection seems capable of justifying,
unless Self-respect exceeds standards of sharing (so)
I (we) need to consider social structures (as keys (harmonic?).)

Relationship is the law of reason.
I (we) need(ed) others just to be born.
To be able to stand (being) AL-ONE takes a standard of care.
Education is the emotional realm of standards (relating awareness.)
I know I'm spouting spiritual emotion & can't be considered reasonable!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

lost leaders

Administrative values must have a lonely spirit to
leave this one so alienated even from its own base.
The principles of unity that founded this governing system
have never seemed so misrepresented.
The world seems more polarized and chaotic
due to the influence of the executive actions of wanting more power.
The proportion (and quality) of Americans being represented
in (and by) their government seems to be an all time low.
The inclusive quality of spirit that fought for unity is fragmenting.
The appreciation that is social cohesion seems lost.
By saying this can I encourage the reaction for faith?
The intensity of this side of the cycle promises hope
for reform reveals that human being must find its' better nature.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

developing insight

What if . . life is a movie,
& you are the projector?
What mood colors come
from your own spectrum,
where the focus directs
the light of your prism,
is the wide-angle lens
properly filtered for
action at this pace?
Plot continuity implies
editing personal limits for
altruism projected into
character developments.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

BEtrayING yourSELF,
couldn't this title have positive implications of revealing a portrayal of your better nature?

Human nature has an indulgent urge that, tending to overdo pleasures, keeps up a struggle for balance. There is the betrayal of healthy urges that implies a dishonesty with yourself. To tell you, "you are lying to yourself," will reflexively generate denial.

How well do you care for yourself?
Did you know that hating yourself is a form of care?
You can't hate someone if you didn't care to.
Love and hate are opposite ends of the care scale,
opposite to both of them is indifference. This scale runs from ignorance to denial.

Balance is a feeling that develops with exercised awareness beyond reason.
Contentment is what should be realized as healthier than happiness.
Dis-ease is symptomatic when healthy maintenance is not satisfied.
The excitement of desire fluctuates between happiness and frustration.

Over-stimulation is stress that can be neutralized by appreciation awareness.
The gift of life is knowing how awareness moves through the self projection.
Praise for being created is appreciation for ALL that needs to be accepted.
Asking A Creator for anything is not praying or enjoying the time.
Joy is the Spirit that removes frustration from the happiness urge,
helping others is the ultimate enjoyment of The Gift

Friday, July 06, 2007

betray time?

I have seen movies where people
have chosen to end their lives, could
Harold and Maude have been the first?

There appears to be gracefulness in
the lack of betraying inevitable demands.

Freedoms to choose come only after stages of
accepting the up-bringing processes
surprising everyone with gifts from fairies
and saints that allow care-giving frivolities
challenging values of reason to expand
magical seeming potential of imagination.

Limitations distract the progression of
awareness away from deterioration.
If the need for conclusion affects
the ability to commit forever,
Does duration betray creativity?
(of The Creation?)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

elect to probation

Nixon's counsel, John Dean says this Bush has misunderstood the Conservative meanings of his Goldwater ideals and will turn the word conservative as bad as liberal (is now!)
If you want anything more than you can afford you are liberal leaning!
*Tradition has defensive costs.
The real freedom (to dream) is in libertarianism of generously appreciating others as inclusive with creative rights, like pursuit of happiness.
Denial is depressing, to form a club is asking for a fight*.

Everybody that runs for president should get a job, chosen for them by the election. Allowing the public to mold its own cabinet gives credit to the characteristics each position needs and which personality most qualifies.
Debates will expose us to a behavioral science of debate (as a good argument,) and make those who quarrel end up in legal red-tape wrestling departments (as probation.)

By the way he treated McCain, I could tell G. W. Bush was going to weaken (even) his own party with polarity. He should have been elected to Entitlements, since that's what got him elected. This department starts with education and police enforcement and should include healthcare and utilities like in many (more) conservative countries.


Sunday, July 01, 2007


From reflexive conditioning
echoes battling burdens
primarily evolving fear fact-ors,
like defense duty dirigibles,
ready to explode.

Lighter reasoning frees thinking
for a feeling of togetherness
that allowance, donated from credit,
contributes to extended family formation.

Judges are starting to realize
the people they must incarcerate
are less criminal than officers
of systematic legal costs.

Financial concepts don't figure
the real maintenance work
defining the environmental facts,
mediating shared security,
of principled behavior motivation.