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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Groucho says,

"Time wounds all heels!"

"I made a killing at the stockmarket,
. . . I shot my broker"

"These are my principles. And if you don't like them, I have others."

"I don't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member."


Monday, September 29, 2008

suggesting a point

The point is everything we were told to trust is needing damage control.
Those we trusted to know didn't and so the cycle is back to my college days when we said "question authority", my response was always, "Says who?"
But now the point I always stress is that paradox is a relationship of balanced powers.
Most questions are from inadequate answers by authorities proving;
Authority is never beyond question if freedom is to be a trustworthy value. I KNOW!
"It is not at all simple, to understand the simple." This was quoted by my High School art teacher who introduced me to the author of "The True Believer." Eric Hoffer further said, "To spell out the obvious is often to call it into question."

To feel confusion warns me that I am about to repeat an old mistake. Self forgiveness offers the new perspective to confront how I victimize myself with reflexive behavior.

I went to the JCC to see Michael Krazney interview George Lakoff, writer of The Political Mind. Credited with being the founder of the most progressive think-tank, called The Rockridge Institute. His best point was to explain the framers of policy.
The imagery of framing suggests creating limits to what we can relate to.

People can excuse themselves from the truth by allowing themselves to say what others want to hear thus creating a character distortion. . such was another lesson of evaluation manipulation.

. . then I went home to real responsibilities of evaluation . .
when teaching my teenagers to make their own identity choices . .
my goal is to encourage self approval, emphasizing the choice to edit critical habits.
For me, this IS reason to make suggestions because my point of view will seem as sarcastic as theirs' ~ After all there is something "funny" about what is being called serious these days, ~ But, It drives them crazy to the point they tell me to tell them what to do.

I recently was reading (the book) 1776, by David McCullough, and received validation from The Father of our country. McCullough describes how General George Washington would suggest directives around his officers to counter-balance his authoritarian projection by respecting theirs. The style of requests he developed was important inspiration for The Continental Congress to consider. ~ DIPLOMACY IS CONCEPTUAL ART and Washington was a designer on many levels, like Jefferson.

When I was on a management team, I learned to use my confused image to share responsibility! I would describe the task to my workers, and then ask them if they could repeat what I had said . . because, I would say, "I'm not sure I didn't leave something out." This gave them mental rehearsal time. I implied that if they could find a better way to do it, I would appreciate any improvement.

yield to suggestion

Hopefully, I can present myself as a conceptual artist with this suggestion;

Someday count how many STOP signs you relate to in a day.
This authoritarian demand, STOP, is framed in a red-hot octagon.

In Elementary school my kids saw the motorcycle cop parked on their path, hiding to catch drivers at the stop sign.
At Freitas Prkwy and Del Ganado my kids have seen the cop cars parked on a sidewalk between two fences, harvesting that stop sign.
Stop signs have an attitude of trap when the real test is if you care.

So what if there was a big-red-heart-sign,
in that triangular shape ~ like a yield sign,
it could imply the potential decision at an intersection,
and ~ if the four big white letters said, "CARE,"

then maybe a better attitude to respect the pedestrians, and the neighborhoods, and the reactions of others could be encouraged.

Even if this never actually happens on the street level,
I have now planted that image in your realm of choice
and you can choose to see a better style of accepting traffic congestion, with relaxed confidence in others to share your care . .

Can I suggest you choose that attitude, and see that heart?
Thank you for the consideration.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Positively 4th St.

The Peace
Alliance booth
allows a
to .com.unity
& other agents
of healthy self
sustaining spirit
of donation and

Friday, September 26, 2008

1969 drawing


Profit value exchange paradox

The more money you had, the more lost with every fluctuation.
My neighbor was told her house could sell for over a million dollars but the reality fluctuated to the tune of a quarter of a million dollar loss in two months.
When she agreed to pay less than $20,000.00 around 1970 that (might have) seemed like more of a liability than feeling like she lost $250,000.00 last year, by waiting four years to cash-in a "sure thing."
If she hadn't projected she had so much worth the loss of value (to her) wouldn't have been so extreme.
Projection needs a screen and the screen of money has lost high definition value.
The acquisition of personal assets can be symptomatic of how investors feel about their country and attitude they contribute to their culture.
Less money could be a more "free-time" lifestyle choice and (so) suggestions of struggling sustainability may be a projection of the definer.
Victimizers had assets in proportion to taking advantage of social weakness(es) for money.

The "get poor" lifestyle has much less anxiety than grow rich impulses imply.
(*Lettuce) Yield unto Caesar what is Romaine. (salad*)


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

coldest climate change

What are the odds that any leader of a country TODAY represents their majority population?
Doesn't this prove that leadership is by constitutional definition a coup?
When Obama turned his first debate with (just) Hilary into a discussion he seemed to allow for the president role to become more of an advocate or agent of social (r)evolution.

If McCain/Sarah Palin is the closest to what the constitution had in mind, it is still intending this country to be an empire. This administration has been a paradox to conservatism as the ultimate example of self-destructive freedom given to children. The punishment is to take away all their toys. For The Supreme Court to demonstrate responsibility for allowing Bush access they must now define his treasonous regime (gang) as a coup and freeze their assets.

female test-ee

When the fetus forms it remains female for the primary stage.
This is nature as mother, and is supportive provider of life.

The male hormone represents the challenge of discipline in rational definition. Human thoughts and feelings change the chemical composition of the body. People try to alter their chemistry from the first cup of coffee to the evening nightcap.

"It is not at all simple to understand the simple." is my favorite quote of social writer Eric Hoffer, who studied the evolution of understanding with his book The True Believer. Further he said, "To spell out the obvious is often to call it in(to) question."

The human awareness is the male rational complication in the Garden of Eden that mother earth offers as unconditional care

My poetic suggestion of this imagery is to offer your thoughts a meditative paradox.

The example that female patience allows for subservient roles isn't too hard to admit,
but the challenge of the demanding male opinion IS abusive as reflexive denial. (Did I catch you questioning me?)

So this tip encourages me to appreciate my male role as an additional mental exercise in the gym of rationality.

I must also now consider the greatest equality we all shared is the femininity at the purest point of being, gestation, and use this anecdote to encourage actualization of my most supportive nature.
My tip is never miss an opportunity to feel supportive, even if you have to give up a challenge, so what I am suggesting is to rarely pick a battle. . .

Friday, September 19, 2008

deny terror is (th)em?

Deny feeling the terror that Americans know is the responsibility of administration classes?
Those that have been "trickling down" on the economy know who they are and must admit their responsibility to treat the denial virus that is infecting free-enterprise with plundering behavior.
Profit is becoming obvious that it is always more than reasonable support and purposefully designed to take advantage of laissez-faire respectability.

The reversal of basic laws of procedure shows that behavior description is a better judge of character than the paradox of opinion.
Whose behavior is supportive versus that which is obvious critical?
What direction leads to the greater contentment and how does the symptom of asking us to risk sacrifice distract us from the deceivers? (invest vs gamble)
If they are responsible for aggressive indulgences, shouldn't assets be frozen for preservation of promised investment values?
Capital offense?


Instead of making gay marriage more legal,
the crash will make all marriage less legal,
along with every other contract benefit.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Human Awareness

Human nature isn't
the naturally supportive environment,
it denies awareness
of that creation
decision responsibility
as a reflexive
victimizing relationship
directing vision.

Individual equality is
the paradox portal
(if balanced) that offers
this power focused,
between self response (ability
to), social relationships,
and spiritual respect.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

improve spending?

Campaigns spend donations on publicity so what if the spending supported actions that deserve exposure.
To actually support projects that change lives of the victimized would be more newsworthy than anything I can find now.
Real change is supportive actions that inspire experimental risks.
The example could be to fund actual improvements to communities that invite rallies.
Use campaigns to actually motivate inclusive networks of power appreciation.
Now we vote for the fear of the others wasting potential.

Waste management is the new science (damage control maintenance.)

Appreciation Art

How can we turn the debts we were sold into appreciation?
Turn everything (the title) around.
Debts are a credit for consumer support.
Paradox acceptance is a meditative (art) thought transformation.
To reform money, admit how all we have now is compost.
Victims are the supporters if the victimizers are bailed out for how many mistakes THEY caused by taking responsibility (and money at both ends.)
If money making is justification for these results it must be toxic behavior.
Make art, not profit.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Alaska turns blue?

Alaskans are there to avoid attention.
They will resent the attention Palin represents?


Truth is a gift
we can make
fit the occasion.

self-reference solvent

I found a paradox battery this morning. These two, potentially useful sentences, together can electrocute logic into another dimension;
The following sentence is false.
The preceding sentence is true.

My favorite example is Ben Franklin's,
"I so admire the truly humble that
if I were one I'd be so proud."

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

money reservoir

Money values have been drained like a reservoir.

The behavior of draining economic sustenance
seems like conspiratorial projection
that capitalistic profits can sell-out democracy.

COMMON SENSE by Thomas Paine introduced the relation needed between social and governmental culture by arguing the end of monarchys' empire wars. Properties adapted to personal rights acquisition.

Alexander Hamilton neutralized extremes of "rankism" exemplifying the injustice done for dignity. His service class occupations turned personal opportunities into supportive balance of asset organization to balance imperialistic manifest destiny with (re)public respectful philosophies.

The civilian sustaining consumer needs design tribute taxes to comply with social privileges depending on the demand manipulation through supply styles, thus allows consumer paradox of being harvested as they surrender compliance.
Endured servitude is contracted expectations making gambled generosity a punitive risk by degrees of delusion.

Reality is a quality of understanding honesty / honestly.
TRUST is invested interest for appreciation timing.
Integrity recognizes behavior connections attract and repel concepts of healthy balance of power generation(s.)

DAM Power created by constricting rivers is stagnating the cleansing of currency.
The harding of the arteries that exchange values (as knowledge) increases risk factors.
Banks run along fault lines so . .
. . misappropriated weight (leverage) is changing rotation on earth's axis, demonstrating punitive pressure of accumulation by restriction.

Credit correction is a revelatory conceptual creativity amplifier by rewarding flow, opposite (in order to balance) by saving mass stagnation?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Republican vasectomy

We must convince The Bush Machine that McCain harbors enough resentment for past "tricks" on him that McCain would kick their balls with access to their power. The unpredictable Maverick image is doing a great job since they (all) are suspicious of everything.
That is the best way to get their control over elections to consider his loss best for Bush's "cover."


Monday, September 08, 2008

interest credit thoughts

What if "thinking" is only
the judgment? Because without it
natural consciousness cares to observe,
"no reason" in accepting potential alternatives.
Choice is generous appreciation,
but thought reflexes are relatively victimizing (choice-less.)
Thinking about this can relax into
an invitation to generously pay
attention as mindful innovation.
Advantage takers create debt (victims)
but supportive generosity accumulates credit (interests)
imagining could be more allowance than work/accreditation.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

bytes as news?

The story was he had died of overwork,
the diagnosis was brain hemorrhage,
. . up to two hundred hours overtime
a month.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Military Hemp?

Did you know that hemp was destroyed as an agribusiness by William Randolph Hearst, to insure his forestry investments (land and mills) could provide all the newsprint to his journalistic endeavors?

Near Hearst Castle is Roberts Military Base that could inspire an experiment to create a green-coal substitute power plant(s) that recycles all the seized illegal cannabis (for oil content) and mix it with the original hemp industry of the Founding Fathers' .
The land of that area could produce huge crops if re-commissioned.

The concept that healthier emissions could replace the smog producing power plants of China that threaten to pollute circulation destined for The Western United States, could also address deficit imbalance with conceptual value insight.

The idea that military self-sufficiency could be (the best) economic correction could be crazy like a fox?