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Saturday, May 23, 2009

up front


prepaid healthcare?

If enough individuals finally got IT, that the deficit money owed to each of us could pay for our health care payments for HOW LONG?. . couldn't Care Assurance be expected to provide more cooperative qualities to living?

The way money creates debt needs a balanced credit of representative support.
There is an paradox in how being indebted cancels entitlements when most needed.
The use of taxation is a symptom that money is more important that what it is supposed to represent and only health care will provide for a better understanding.
Balanced value could be created from doctors who prescribe how to "DO kNOw HARM"
The respect should be paid to individuals that serve the human body with invested interest in the quality of American health distribution and THEN training could expand (checks and balance) networks if it was a source of funds (democratic money).
Funding is a concept of support that can graduate to being A JOB.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

health vaci-nation

Health is a balance thus the most adaptable answer to any point of view.
The healthy diet is an example of varying classes of participation.
The practice of balancing attitude allows personal depth to choose its surface / skin.
The first breath starts with a cry to clear the lungs but the inhale is silent and thus we balance the critical cry in mediation or meditation.
Healthy cries for support seem to expose imbalance with the demands projected from reflexive expectations.
The paradox of the value of care is the cost factor put on behavior's symptomatic qualities.
The products of medicinal practice start with nutritional concerns for body balances.
The meditation /evaluation energy is sensitivity to slow progressive practices in reflexive relaxation in order to observe more inclusive details.
The systems of checks and balances have manifestations from the physical to conceptual design style maintenance and development services.
The spectrum of budget concerns point to the economic need for service and statistical credits that don't cause debt mentality reflexively, like production costs, for an new era in efficiency.
Three branches of economy are needed to overthrow the monarchy of money-changers.
Social security bail-out could be the assurance of healthy behavior credit.
Education could transform indebted reflexes into interest in information as credit.
The quality of health in attitude is in how the harm is admitted and justified.
Denial seems the be the main cost of time in dialog attempts that negates with debate.
What if denial factors manifest as depression symptoms?

Heath is the healing infusion of the imbalance that has been neglected.


Friday, May 15, 2009

brain balance

I was using breath to lower my blood pressure at the clinic so I asked Dr. J if he meditates, "I alternate nostrils"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Appealing to Judges?

The apparent inability of the Judiciary System to maintain ethical integrity for social stability has allowed the profit motive to corrupt the supportive role of humanitarian values.
The experience as educated observers should allow the responsibility of the judiciary as individual activists to lobby for revised regulatory powers to dissolve the plaque building up in the heart of the system. Understanding the intricacies of credit distribution is how to evaluate behavioral modification.
There is renewed attention to be invested in the balance of outstanding checks that needs justification as job creation of mediators.
Creating a consensus of what is most agreeable to consider would add an appealing perspective to the decision extending process.
Using the power of the media caucus is more inclusive than ever.
There is more public awareness to the difference between beliefs, opinions, and facts for distinction of values.
Deciding appropriate compensation has never been so critical.


Supplemental branches of debt-reduction.

America innovated government as three branches to mediate interests with checks and balances to cast-off a monarch who taxes too much. Money has become that monarch that is unbalanced and difficult to check. The amount of missing money is symptomatic of disregarded importance. The economy is not what it appears to be and who better to explain than your resident space cadet, I embraced my enthusiastic reputation as overwhelmingly vague and poetic!

I will try to project that money is too simple a machine for how complicated the financial demands have become . . why haven't concepts that have made so many future dreams disappear . . just make debt disappear?

Why does credit create debt? Could it be too conceptual for gambling?
Experience is the most real concept we can hope for and who hasn't experienced deception? Consider the idea of retirement money that existed last year is just gone. Money cannot be counted on for the next few years like before. Could the creative credit we deserve as a social revolution introduce a system of values for recognizable behaviors? YET? What IS the most trustworthy behavior?

Healthy habits and caregiving are the quality of life.
Health assurance is an ideal source of renewing credit integrity
These drastic measures could allow an exception with all the bailout package debt forgiven as redistributed through a credit system for bailing out desperate needs of the medical infrastructure.
Instead of the debate between competitive gambling houses (the insurance disaster lotto), develop a dialog service (like polling) with all the insurance employees training converted as agents of expedience.
Allowances in place of payments!
What a huge jump start if the preliminary step could forgive outstanding medical debts.
Doctors should be given credit for developing the character that does no harm.
Practicing healing is a spiritual credit that forgives the gamble by rewards of support.
Validate every dollar that disappeared to forgive the responsible.
The act of addressing desperation will extend the ability to support the earth with supplemental sciences that can't help but develop as exponentially as the investments in disaster and debt, relativity evolved from the principle of equal and opposite reaction like the golden rules.

The shock syndrome of the losses could redefine generosity with supportive finances created from care-giving credits to heal the need for something so conceptual. Ridicule is the shock of disbelief that it could be simple, so the opposition as socialistic must remind taxpayers what they have in common and fill the self-evident gap between insurance and assurance to create an assurance branch of the economy as the huge new job market like social work of the New Deal.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

energy alternate for power

. . there could be a less harsh way to say,
"No Excuses"
so it could just mean "O K" . .
no excuses necessary?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Democratic Money

The health care solution needs to find a source of credit without debt.
We must examine the purpose of debt. Tendencies to attract individual weaknesses, is the intent that has fueled this economic disease. Penalties and debts are a shame and blame we must learn to do without harm because we are chipping out the foundation of the whole system of improvement.
The judgment of shame must evolve into evaluation that mediates balanced victimization, after admitting shared responsibility, tension finds parody.

What has happened to the economic foundation has discouraged so many so fast that to call for new results will demand changing values of forgiveness as healthy credit balancing. The compensation for the profit exchanged on any level builds on trust development. The tension factor is not being admitted in proportion to how something opposed to trust has grown.

When does need become logical reversal with less misdirection included?
The jobs being maintain by insurance collection as a gamble can retrain easily to assure any applicant a evolving return with a positive charge incentive.
As we become aware of the federal reserve as entitlement for provision, the vision must expand the perspective. My writing is proof of my originality and since ridicule reflex is the stage of revealing new truth, some trust that new ideas are tough work.

Vehicle engineering improvements develop safer models, compartmentalization of the economy transformation must redistribute the energy potential of credit card supportive services that are open to ideas creating more polling jobs.

Statistics are designed artistically to support behavioral reflexes.
Information as education manages itself (either) by popularity (or) until commonness suggests devaluation. This job is a support credit that can be distributed in kind to contributor of three forms of information, The opinion(1) can believe(2) more when related to fact(3). This self supporting feature is different that the need generated in the profit market.

Only profit motive should create debt because it is the gamble so supporting services could be only creditable with health care designed into less harmful procedural redundancies.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

paraphrased Perls

"expecting too much obedience
ends up in spite,"
so how many habits are
in spite of our-selves?


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

legal Sense /

Common law?
Societies* suggest morality,
Governments impose law.
The law makes us buy insurance,
invest (pay) in disasters that may never happen,
and work to assure that the chances are less.
When we* are made desperate for time
morality suffers and ironically the most
desperate symptoms are both extremes
of the economic scale.
Those that lost the most money had the most,
this makes them defensive for how they got it,
even more, when obviously complicit for the problem.
Is government complicity finally being admitted from within?
Could these be the new revolutionaries that overthrow the
monarch money with three branches of credit so that
information and service stop creating debt?
Only industry is an indulgence (and deserve taxation.)

We* (in the days of my youth) accepted that housewives and
teachers weren't as industrious as the fathers that went off to work.
Profit worked well for the production cycle of Industrial Revolution, but to profit from how information and service is controlled which allows the desperate to manifest their symptoms as indebtedness, demands consideration / credit without debt.
The different ways that people "want" should be understood to have frustration for the unacquainted. Revolutions form from societies previously unacquainted with its' problems.
The Information Age is balanced with a Service opportunity in health-care entitlement.


Monday, May 04, 2009

Branded for recognition

. . to dialog with the wild nature of creation came a thought that wanted to manifest a body for itself but the application of choice had limited availability to the brand of being called human. The ideal that choice is a gift had a relative obligation to be taken advantage of.
Choice is domestication.
When human awareness puts a name on something it becomes encased, that form is a cage, as limit of properties. The act of choosing domesticates itself by how reflexive it becomes. Relative to a name is a brand of reflexive recognitions.

The gift recognition is an offering that awareness affords thought but thinking can be imposed to take advantage from recognition. The healthiest choice balances a dynamic reflexive reaction between give and take beyond personal influence, in other words, social demands choose our brand of language.

The reflex of repetition is relative to the response ability awareness. We are habituated to be critical (editing) of new options (awareness.) Approval is a condition of experience and needs to create a greater self-image. Consumerism (mis)uses reflexes by branding that that has taken the (freedom of) choice from self determination.

All the brands of insurance allow us to feel we have a choice but there is no choice about have no insurance. What freedom must demand is (depending on) ASSURANCE that non-branded life has value. "Wanting" is ideally a freedom until greed makes wanting a brand of reflexive enslavement. The individual threat to freedom (as equality) is that greed symptoms proceed the dis-ease that "brands" it.


Sunday, May 03, 2009


The power of aggression is to project control
so style is an example of influence tools.
Behavior is a craft that is relatively "passed down"
from our "up-bringing" with examples.
The healthiest attitude is the most balanced
to hold-up the most common motivating interests.
Expression starts "communifuckation" as the primary social intercourse. .
you got to share time on top for the best results.

Journalism is the exercise of "presenting facts" in balance for social health.
Mob rule is a facet of majority mentality so interpretation must be neutralized.
Paradox is the tool to use for the most contrasting therapy.
How V.P. Joe Biden boosts the grace factor of President Obama?
Candidate Obama changed the aggression of debate into dialog most notably when he sat down with only Candidate Hilary.
His respect for the media is the integrity of striving for healthy journalism.