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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I don't mean to complain . .

The critical phase is critical because it's about self-approval. Teenagers criticize their parents as reaction to the rules phase. The rules that we decide are most important will create an approval index . This is like the checks and balances of democracy except the three branches are thoughts, feelings, and meanings which define acceptability.

How we spin around this core creates the gravity factors. How can we address the need to make heavy comments and still take ourselves lightly? This is how the harshness of our reality decides other punishing conditions.

Complaints show the weakness of our understanding. How we handle discomfort shows a relationship to our nervous system. Growing pains can mean progress. Finding the path of least resistance means confronting the obstacles with graceful interest. When desires get beyond control maintenance consuming becomes indulgence. Complaints are over-weight emotions.

Happiness is the feeling of winning so the dependency on a loser can set up frustration. The social value of happiness may be why so much conflict exists. If people think their extremes of happiness can be removed from the risk of equal sadness then they are cheating themselves.

Deception factors can be realized through depression. Steps to alleviating this dis-ease in our community will craft a more sharable truth. To the degree you believe in the value of secrets indicates willingness to disadvantage honesty.

Healthy attitude motivates sharing discovery processes. When I learned to relax into the lesson without projecting an answer more was revealed as feelings of contentment. Like Tai Chi neutralization (by balancing) is meditation in motion. Praising what IS (constantly) must be the secret of prayer.
If you're asking God for something, you are complaining (desiring more or less). Contentment can go beyond desire.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

cognitive restaging

When Tom Cruise was interviewed last week the only segment I saw was the question about being clear to level eight in Scientology terms. Right out of college in 1974 (between jobs) I tested very clear at a San Francisco headquarters. The official from Toronto interviewed me with other managers and I ended up with a job in their print shop. All I did was file articles but the access to higher concepts (on paper) was enlightening.

The "truth" meter Scientology uses for therapy sessions helps direct your attention past being short-sighted. When we put "charges" on certain subjects, we direct conversation away from issues that need to be worked through. The "operator" of a clearing session should lead a subject up the charges until problem solving reaches a new climax. Many agree to the idea that we repeat the same mistakes until a new perspective is understood.

My fourteen year old daughter took the toilet paper out of my bathroom. When I looked in the cabinet next to her toilet I found she had been short-sighted enough to miss six rolls. I know the conditions that limit my focus and will ask my kids to help those times. Two eyes (points of view) create depth and perspective.

The best partners extend our education. Because marriage should be our best experience in partnership consider the vow "for better or for worse". This cognitive restructuring tool will free thinking from the limited judgment of "Good versus Bad" standards.

The chapter on judgment in "Kitchen Table Wisdom", by Rachel Remen, stresses the relation between approval and criticism. The depth of personal approval issues can be decoded by how we criticize our world. How we use opinions show the reliance on support systems. Some don't even know they aren't self-supportive.

The punitive system of justice has become obviously too time consuming and costly. Blame and shame are an example of how people burden themselves with punishing feelings. Those that think it is effective wish it on other people.

There is a growing awareness of restorative mediation. When we face situations where we know we can't be happy the neutral ground becomes contentment. Understanding is a climax of emotions meeting thinking in a spirit of unity (inclusion/integrity).

Being clear is a process of healthy functioning. Healthy attitudes allow different paths to lead to similar enjoyment. Living together with harmonies that sometimes seem dissonant is part of modern music making (uni-verse-all) evolution.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Human being is half verb

Being gives itself credit with Human awareness, when we eat from the tree of knowledge. Self focus lets us forget our debt to nature becoming the worse manners to our Creator. The parents represent (mother earth and the seeds of life) working to pass on the mannerisms of self-sustainability. Our development layers response abilities. The order, like nature can be harsh and confusing. These are the weeds in the Garden of Eden (reason). Punishment was the first dandelion that so easily goes out of control and will most likely make things worse. Blame and shame are in the "worse" category because they remove responsibility. Restoring the garden means replacing weeds with better potential interests. The growth systems balance basic needs into stages of harvested understanding. The efforts' intensity can be overwhelming, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. (spiritually)

Extending rights of personal style helps me get it. Observation is like the patience for listening and must be exercised. If you think I'm trying to tell you anything then there is rejection reflexes involved but sharing understanding is the feeling of the interview. Projected weaknesses ride on opinions. Offering the value of experience takes timing the presentation of facts (answers). Questions show the limits of my understanding in order to illuminate dark suspicions.

How can we evolve this punitve style of government?
Can't more see that blaming and shaming is costly?
Will mediation ever replace arbitration?
Could restorative justice be the next paradigm?
Is talking to yourself crazier that punishing yourself?
Which way to the garden?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Premises promises

Seriousness is a paradox of how much play is in a concept.
Play can be used as a word for adjustment allowable,
when we find play in the rules, to appreciate exceptions.
The social arena is allowance for governmental limits.
By law, punitive reflexes create need for credit and debt.
The profit motive takes advantage from the balance sharing
making dept (abusive) influence manipulation (to pay for mistakes).
Credit uses conditions of tradition to maintain older beliefs in past
values implying that new ideas can’t warrant equal credit.
The judgment process relies on Good and Bad standards to solidify
a power from a process that needs solution neutralizations.
For better or for worse is the best basis for partnership.
Social values are freedom inspiring consciousness sharing.
Teaching is a donation behavior with given information.
Interaction is role-playing exercise in relation building.
Respect is power to recognize experience perspectives as patience.
Response ability is motivated by centering understanding
from shared extremes of potential possibility projections.
The subjects of monarchs couldn’t understand property ownership
So America gave that magic right to individual resourcefulness
And how prophetic that the new vehicle for consolidating
personal and family values with links to society is The TRUST.