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Journaling conceptual design trends, mostly as "stream of consciousness" as encouragement. Environmental resolve will teach us peace. Paradox mediation provides the next healthy attitude.

Monday, January 29, 2007

2(or4)your health

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Robert Pirsig) was a gift from my brother and I knew it would set a tone for the new year. On page 70 the dichotomy of understanding was simplified to classical and romantic antagonism. Depolarization depends on a marriage, for better or for worse, to dissolve the good versus bad judgment of rivalries. Contributing to a partnership is how our bodies are structured, with two ears for stereo, with two eyes for depth and perspective, etc.

Check out the Common Sense link to compare how government is classical and society is romantic.

The romantic ideal of a service society would be working FOR everyones' best interest, but classical greed allows business to do it TO you FOR the money. Approach is an indicator of style values. Classical understanding applies rules TO everything. Romantics tell stories FOR sharing new understandings.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today's mighty oak is just
yesterday's nut that held its ground.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

give & take

for GIVE & TAKE balance,
that is the key to contentment through feeling less conflicted.
Happiness means dependence on frustration control
so being upset becomes an addiction
that people can even enjoy, like religious indignation.
Joy is invested spirit, I watch my son enjoy wrestling,
with extreme frustration on his face and physical pain
obviously greater than caring to stop, he can find focus.
To give is our best exercise, taking all as oppertunity.
Relax the need for happiness and find contentment to enjoy,
even the unexpected (mystery).

Thursday, January 18, 2007

advancing backwards

I contemplate paradox for the secret of balance, the humor in oxymorons can be enlightening.
Standard freedom takes an open field and puts borders around it so it can be owned, bought, sold, taxed, etc.
Owning up to an opinion puts you in a category so you can be charged with limits.
I try to find the freedom to try on old opinions to accessorize with freer understanding, but simplification can make it harder for others.
I feel cornered by free-thinking.

Monday, January 15, 2007

emerging properties

"I believe mind is an emergent property of brain." - Richard Davidson - WIRED06/Feb

Emerging qualities is a value of experience while in process.
The freedom from material judgment turns thinking into mindfulness.
Emotional literacy literally expands feelings to accept
new points of view to add perspective.
Attitude enhancement could balance emerging properties
with editing powers over irritations.
Maintaining contentment is refraining complaints.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

I wonder!

. . to tap into creation
with a donation of trust
things that attract interest
returns energy to us.
I know people wonder about me,
so maybe I wonder too much?


hydro-carbons . .

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Observing . .

. . a friend, who is a lawyer, repeating himself so much, could be aggravating clients with how much time this takes, shows a need to be clear about important points.
I find it hard to trust the understanding of repeaters. One (truly intelligent) friend tells me I need to listen better but doesn't seem comfortable with my observations like how much he repeats himself. I interrupt when he does this, to illustrate that he needs to hear his own advice. This just perpetuates his reaction to say "listen better", which keeps seeming more like a projection. Does he really think I would be more interested if I was more like him? Is there a cause of this symptom other than too much formal education?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

freedom takes opportunity to give

Giving is the contribution
to being able to
Take appropriate advantage
so forces don't
over-power freedoms,
or am I clearly
confused about taxes?
Wait till 2008!?
What is spent on elections,
should be given to social
support, not contests
for losers make the power
to win a vicarius reality,
a better vehicle gives
society more credit to give
profit a suggested donation
value of living free.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Why so serious?

What if that question could diagnose all dis-ease?
Do complications always cause ill-ease?
Remember when "Take It Easy" was the Alcoholics Anonymous catch phrase?
Could making things easy be the greatest healer?
Can humor be the serious antidote?
Let it all sound funny!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

U relate how?

How do you relate to life?
Is your life your property to own and maintain, share, rent or what?
When the American Constitution gave us the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness the founding fathers also gave us property ownership responsibilities.
Monarchies used the King as the Highest Lord of God's Land. The Magna Carta (1215) is the first notable attempt at nobles limiting The Kings' power to remove anyone from family estates at His whim.

Property ownership gave us the ability to feel self-possessed.
The feelings of belonging start in families and extend to communities.
How we own up to our responsibilities develops personal style of sustainability.
The concept of dependable support builds trust.
The community spirit of equal individuality inspired love of our nation with religious freedom by simply stating, "In God we trust."

With property taxes and insurance concepts came the living trust.
This trust is a vehicle for accumulating values for posterity's sake.
Trust is a paradigm that needs much more invested interest. . . for appreciation sake.