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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Common Sense

Set us free from the selling of concepts for profit ~ CAMPAIGN REFORM NOW! ~ Elections should be like primaries with multiple applicants and they should pay for the job ~ no salaries for congress! All the money that goes into individual candidate support could support the whole government. If contributions payed for government it could be libertarian. Build the fence (border) around Wash D.C. and make officials pay to get out!
Profit motive is the vestige of an Industrial Revolution that has moved to Asia, corporations are turning concepts into products they can sell as material, but in a Service Era of an Information Age, both service and information are being withheld for a profit! WHY shoot our own economy in the heart? Corporations (and excessive individuals) pay more to get out of paying taxes than if they just supported the concept that gives them the most credit!
Our country freed property from the monarchs, now, the new values are being accumulated in TRUSTS ~ NOBODY TRUSTS THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM to do anything but polarize!
Unity means Restorative Justice because defending the punitive system of laws is like the cost of defense and needs re-vision.
Common sense

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Next Deal

The conflicting concepts needed
to maintain two-party polarizing
politics are becoming so punishing economically
that the spirit of unity the Founding Fathers cared
to create is re-forming as restorative justice
with media attempts to portray comedies of errors,
too seriously ruled into conservative laws
to delay principles of change, like tipping points.

The country's best interest is being bought by
a community of corporations, changing
the definition of interest into an investment indicator
of values as symptoms of trends.

The people community are being separated
to their own concerns, separating
us from the freedoms created by
the governments' care-giving restrictions.

My parents were social workers inspired by
The New Deal, community-caregivers.
I AM a caregiver.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I say

Do I say too much when I can't understand?
Is the best answer a question?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Can content(meant)increase change?

What we are most afraid of ~ (CHANGE)
offers us the most value ~ (TO INCREASE)

WE are victims (when) in two dimensions of conflict.
Happiness always depends on frustration to measure each other,
to deny (this relationship) feeds depressive reflexes, until . .
being sorry (apology) is a neutralizing stage of understanding,
which adds the third dimension of observation,
this develops the concept of art as performance,
watching T.V. shows that even 60 second commercials can have design,
hinting at the fourth dimension of duration (time.)
Art is the feeling that extends meaning (with altruism,)
Contentment seems to be where the points of contention neutralize,
extending a feeling of patience with the satisfaction of being balanced.
Relax into what must be endured,
and watch the show resolve the conflict (of change.)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

less negation reflex?

I thought of this question thinking about our government;
Could it be a symptom of responsibility problems if there are certain amounts of denial?
I can't expect my kids to notice how little I say, "No!"
I know how I express my considerations can't be appreciated because I know what they see is coming out of their limits of experience. (The Projection Screening)
If I ask the right questions, the challenge (value) of new ideas (expressing care) doesn't need answers? Did you learn to be sorry? and admit it? by force?
Restorative justice is meaningful apology but denial has defensive costs.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I am simple as . .

A. Attitude Adjuster ~
The way we are encouraged to want happiness leaves us frustrated.
Judgment reflexes distort our balance struggling with criticism and approval.
Personal Point of view will leave us on the spot without partners, until we learn sharing techniques keep expanding.

B. Behavior Balancer ~
Blocking our progression are reflexes to maintain control by lessening risk factors.
What we want gets in the way of retaining the best lesson being presented.
Pacing is the key to preparing for the next stage.

C. Contentment Counselor ~
Appreciation builds values into a spectrum of potential.
Talent development uses role-playing to adjust power of performance.
Regrets are the by-product of choice which indicates how free you feel.

Desire-ee-ah is dis-ease by distraction and is the fire we must walk across to exercise our focus. What we want to do with the gift of life-time is motivational thinking which becomes the foundation of intuition for more (meaning) from less (action.)

Emotionography ~
Chart courses to exotic destinations through tough currents and whether patterns.
Dive into new depths to explore what is underneath the fear of bottoming-out.

Fun-da-mental ~humor as alternative to thinking ~ as a moving, morphing meditation of appreciation, music is the emotional focus of interest in repeated form progression as expression. Tai Chi is a physical template of what I mean by meditating on a formation principle.

Gifting is the opportunity to extend values in many forms of contribution. The gift of life is appreciated by degrees of generosity. Praise is prayer, asking undermines God's right to hide in everything (to some degree.)

Good thoughts

I hope to phase out the need
to make judgments bad,
finding remedy in relation
between better and worse.
Respecting the worse as
the cost of a lesson respects
mistakes as insight into
choice development bettermeant.
Unconditional acceptance allows
the wholeworld to be just-us
restoring the heart as the better
center for global warming.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

helpful observation?

Certain facts aren't complaints
just because you don't
want to hear them.


Monday, June 04, 2007

question authority

"Says who?"
Can I correlate my existence with yours?
Do words justify the urge to question
what they conceptually mean?
Physical realization has how much time span?
If God is beyond understanding,
isn't questioning more Creation than answers?
Could answers make us victims?
What if freedom means No Truth?
did i find existentialism?

Saturday, June 02, 2007


So we had to see if tadpoles
and polliwogs were about,
because last year's flood meant
I hadn't seen a single one (for a while),
but love the clean stone banks.
The return of squirming babies
accented with a chorus of parents,
which sang when we talked,
and hushed with our silence,
until the recognition of placement
proved our patience,
seeing five frogs.