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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

project truth

The body is our personal infant. It will always need care. The attachment to routine is important to any maintenance program and can reflect on the training of the care-giver. Education is a comfort developing process because even the simplest neglect (like eating) can cause pain.

Pain can translate to punishment if you think about it. The chance of misunderstanding implications of discomfort make it the critical point of perversion. To children, punishment is used to pass the feeling of responsibility. Loss of privilege depends on "getting it" first. Developing sense complicates awareness with definition attachment to pleasure or pain.

Balancing the fluctuation of feelings will form a comfort condition based on contentment with that level of truth. Guided examination of factors lead us to conclusions on which to base our reactions reality training. Reality can't be as stable as the human need for truth seems to project.

Projection is the relation key. The limitations of our eyes and ears have been described scientifically in relation to other beings (animals) so using this analogy I might try and extend understanding potential. Testing of grade levels help the educated determine back-ground but they can't register talents they haven't determined values for.
Am I trying to project talent development as care-giving? I still don't see my writing as talented only a limit on my ability to share my understanding of life (exercising truth). Does growing truth encourage your awareness?

Friday, May 26, 2006

guilty by insanity?

I ran into my high school art teacher selling his jewelry. He now heads the art department at a premier college for designers and was surprised I has not found Eric Hoffer by now. I waited months for True Believer to become available. Last night I read the first chapter.

Most revolutions are the indulgence of the rich and powerful using poverty and disillusionment to create chaos. The way this administration has used sloganizing 9/11 is only the tip of the iceberg. Enough has changed that whoever they want to blame and shame does not distract for their responsibility for creating specific realities that have lessoned qualities of life internationally.

If (growing numbers of) people see a need for a revolution, isn't it a projection of what is happening? Most Republican Party standards have been turned to contradict messages of only a decade ago. Internal realities have been mirrored to answer external (conceptual) threat-building that they should pay (be responsible) for and stop. Just by losing trust their behavior becomes improper by responsible positioning.

I remember when bankruptcy was criminal. The example that governmental powers are abusing credit/debt concepts have encouraged unhealthy indulgence by a growing majority. Could they be legally confronted as debt (drug) dealers? Isn't one of the instrumental paradoxes in how corporations get more credit from banks by extending debt? They seem to be denying liberal spending risks with conservative defensive posturing. The conflict is internal stress provoking. That can be said about national trends.

The right to be a responsible society demands active restoration of majority rulers.
Wouldn't a person with only 23% self-approval be forced into therapy?


tinkle, tinkle little rats

We have broken
the sky, stars
lie scattered in
piles on cement.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

rights of confusion

To live will always be confusing because . .
The ultimate result is facing death,
conflict is basically needed for relationships to develop . .
in the body the brain needs two hemispheres with different abilities . .
two eyes create depth and perspective . .
two ears allow stereo perception - sense of direction . .
opposing muscle groups make our bones work well . .
information can always be disputed or appreciated . .
choice gets harder with the allowance of freedom . .
judgment is a trap to aid in limitation with justification . .
justice is the honesty from understanding the value of mistake making . .
questions are the freedom truth needs to become more inclusive . .
answers rest on trusting each step to maintain balance . .
focus is about acceptability of what shares creative freedom (rights).
How much do rights need to be understood to be appreciated?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

sharing is not-for-profit

What can destroy this whole value system is the debt-dealers.
The Savings and Loan bailout implied how debt was becoming drug-like dealing.
Credit has become the vehicle to addict users with unhealthy practices.
The government is losing credit from the individuals and corporations that most used its' support for their success when tax values are so unrespected.
Are only store shoppers expected to pay for what they get?
Officials can't operate freely when their supporters hold them in debt.
The financial standards of election procedures cause debts of trustability when the expense is half for losing and the profit of a win is conceptual positioning.
Profit doesn't work for service because to some degree it is extortion.
Profit is attached to product performance improvement.
To the degree you get what you pay for, demonstrates value.
The service and information age demands a non-profit attitude for sustainability adjustment balancing.
Education demonstrates that teachers paid mainly for babysitting by salary.
True teaching is donated by the ability to give understanding (by example).
Because changing applications means no one can become an authority anymore (without supplementation systems), authoritarianism is obsolete.
Lawyers and doctors depend on the newer, better methods, that is why their businesses are called practices.
Religions demonstrate that the spirit of service and information (truth) is about the value potential of donation and appreciation.
The next revolution will be a not-for-profit attitude that shares responsibility.
IT is what you can DO because what we HAVE is getting in the way.
Human being is half verb.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Relate Trust to property

How do you relate to life?
Is your life your property to own and maintain, share, rent or what?
When the American Constitution gave us the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness the founding fathers also gave us property ownership responsibilities.
Monarchies used the King as the Highest Lord of God's Land. The Magna Carta (1215) is the first notable attempt at nobles limiting The Kings' power to remove anyone from family estates at His whim.

Property ownership gave us the ability feel self-possessed.
The feelings of belonging start in families and extend to communities.
How we own up to our responsibilities develops personal style of sustainability.
The concept of dependable support builds trust.
The community spirit of equal individuality inspired love of our nation with religious freedom by simply stating, "In God we trust."

With property taxes and insurance concepts came the living trust.
This trust is a vehicle for accumulating values for posterity's sake.
Trust is a paradigm that needs much more invested interest.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

borderline defensive

We all define our personalities within certain parameters. This brings to mind a concept of therapy for something called "borderline personality disorder." When people behave in ways they would not tolerate from others they have crossed a standard of self-acceptance and to the degree they can deny creating a problem is how unbalanced they are willing to make themselves. How this can effect (the performance of) other people makes it a responsibility of society to be informed (performance art).

Denial is the main symptom so the those who need the most help (learning about it) are the least likely to admit the tendency (that) is prevalent in everyone. You can't tell people you are concerned with their feelings if they don't want to understand yours can care innocently (when theirs don't.) Self actualization starts with maintaining contentment with behavior deviation. Denial of the potential that healthy attitude can treat depression is an interesting symptom of limiting hopefulness.

The hope I found in the book "Stop Walking on Eggshells" comes from the intelligence needed to maintain this emotional codependency called borderline personality disorder. This affliction is harbinger of an information age paradigm. "Emotional Intelligence" implies the experimenting that harnesses a new power source from appreciating paradox. Conflict in your mind is like needing opposing muscle groups to get up off your ass.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

develop-mental critique

People interpret most negative facts as complaints, but complaining isn't logical. I wonder if SPOCK ever complained on Star Trek. There is an emotional element to complaining that links to responsibility. This need to assume responsibility during the teenage stage makes complaints a develop-mental marker.

All parents have characteristics that demand rejection because they got them from their parents. Social evolution, like a gritty wind, smoothes over rough edges of behavioral difficulties. Since changes seem to come from the major complaints this behavior is a legacy to reinvest.

Freedom is a growing concern. Choice is for control factors concerning results. The ability to respond differently when necessary comes from experiences of flexibility. Wanting more ability than what seems access-able is what triggers complaining.

The American constitution offered more people the entitlement(s) to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The wisdom to limit government for larger social trust was inspirational. The class entitlements were eased into a self-responsibility potential.

Acknowledging the need for help doesn't always come with approval. When critical details can be blamed on others the individual securities are not being balanced (or checked). Encouragement is a delicate balance between approval and criticism. Complaints distract the effort sharing process.

To blame and shame others is a responsibility removal trick we like to play on ourselves. Self-Sustainability increases with the ability to respond better (than you thought) in every situation because feelings are being guided by an inclusive spirit. Denial and rejection are aspects of depression. Could self-complaints be the worse?