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Journaling conceptual design trends, mostly as "stream of consciousness" as encouragement. Environmental resolve will teach us peace. Paradox mediation provides the next healthy attitude.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

judge not . .

The irony of judgment is where it comes from in archiving experience as historical. The most positive attributes of future growth comes from evolving judgment into intuition. Feelings can become the healthier attitude - that is The Way. Things become no(t)things - but feelings permeate many bodies at once (in audiences) and extend time. My hopes lie in helping the world become content (with its content), the catch is that serious posturing seems to reject the best medicine (which can be humor). Humor can turn judgment into new feelings. The set-up is the science (research and development) but the punch-line is art, marrying brain, heart, with belly laughs.

Could (NOT) being thoughtful leave room for something better (or worse)? Chance is the gift of freedom. So many reflexes want to remedy chance. Are you sick of it, and (is) desire something to rely on? I think not . .

re-pose poetic

I am destined to repossess
every morning, my consciousness,
awakening to a new spin of
the earth, evolving life,
repeating unlearned verses.
My view expands, those who
share awareness, to trust
the projected struggle, to
exercise satisfaction education
necessary for contentment moments,
to deepen the balance before
I leave (myself) al(l)one.


Friday, January 27, 2006

Ben Franklin (paraphrased)

"I so admire the truly humble
that if I were one
I'd be so proud!"


Thursday, January 26, 2006

approval (of) criticism?

The mystique
of critique
can help judgment
lose grudge-meant


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Alfred E. Neuman 4 president

"Some minds are like concrete . .
all mixed up and permanently set."


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

fear is natural

The natural way got us here,
then man came along and made it queer,
the method that it all should change
before observation could rearrange
destiny's opinion giving us the choice
to defend an individual right of voice.
Offensive judgments planted the seeds
creating conflicts between desires and needs.
Poetic insight might lend us the tools
to lighten the load of projecting rules.
Joy of life neutralizes happy and sad
and contentment results in more of us glad
to share the process of why we are here
to build the trust that alleviates fear.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Poetic (do)nations

These transactions can
be ex-changing values.
The balance of product(ion)
and service encourages trust.
Economy between desires
and what I must have
including supply and
demanding for what it's worth,
attention on becoming
truth-full in becoming care-full
about what you dare to want
and what will you give (up) for it.

Friday, January 20, 2006

newsworthy education

I heard a story how teachers cheat
by helping students' answers compete
nationwide test scores performing
attacks on the spirit of reforming
education as formulas that decide
understanding little for how hard they tried
to show some judges what they wanted to see
but they don't seem to reward creativity.

The truth can't evolve encased in facts.
the prettiest flowers were once weeds in the cracks.
These cheaters test foundations of reality
where majority rules can't prevent malady.
When health depends on tricking life,
aren't some lessons better learned through strife?
Exercising judgment needs a chance to relax.
Observation of history is always changing facts.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Everything leaves its' own
little piece of residue.
Cleaning-up creates a
history-gathering process
in observation of progress.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Word massage

This word massage pushes
pressure points to relax
need to know reflex releases
for future context / contentment

Wanting to be happy is actually
a step towards desperation.
Being aware starts with pain &
full recognitions of difference.

Can we be nature wanting to see
what we're doing? Insight comes
from what we put "in to it" - intuit!
Waves of creation organize equality.

Credit is personal awareness
others can't enjoy without
good examples that influence
feelings to develop sharing.

Identifying what you are
can limit becoming better
potential understanding
energy for further focus.

Waking sensitivity to balance
abilities directed by thought
knowing to minimize control
freeing unrealized spiritual hints.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

denial depression

So maybe denial is the seed of depression!
What if a test could determine how honest a human is by measuring depression factors?
Could depression be measured by biochemical reactions to certain questions?
Maybe normal amounts of denial don't have to be so high?
Could the Santa Myth be the first lie in a person's life that seems alright?
Don't most families deny the best attention due to attitude traditions?
If the healthy benefits of honesty could be proven, wouldn't it be best in all policy?
When people act against their stated standards of personal performance could sorrow (being sorry) neutralize punishing behaviors?
Don't we only make things worse for ourselves, in the end of an act?
How much of our act do we attribute to experience building?
Shouldn't development of image integrity be intention revelation?
Can projected wishes for others be responsible for factors (of value) in our lives?
If we wish someone a truthful element to living can we share a better understanding?
When opening up to other points of view, do we grow better?
Is the hardest part of opening up that denial can crawl up (and out)?
Doesn't facing deception help us lighten up the story to make it pleasant to solve?
You hold the controls of reality, more or less?

Friday, January 06, 2006

Contentment counseling

At times of great change
it is frustrating to expect happiness.
This inspired my discovery of contentment
counseling. When I can't accept my responsibilities
I try to transfer them to others with blame (and even shame).
Criticism (for others) stems from self-approval questions.
Growth is a monitoring process and can be accepted
with basic contentment. Being happy (with advancement)
can end up frustrating because seeking
advantage limits aspects of life
that can be shared. People
who hold back are denying something
which is a symptom of depression.
The manic depressive cycle can be
neutralized with contentment counseling.
It is easy to accept (and even honor) this dynamic
as the source of creativity.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Mistakes are . .
necessary to be human,
uninformed decisions,
not enough preparation,
misguided tension,
a temporary set-back,
important lessons with expensive classes,
ignoring hygiene for example,
exaggerated stress,
to be saying the least,
recurring sources of grief,
future comic relief,
limits to thinking,
mostly just feelings!


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Play for Awareness

Awareness doesn't come with birth. We are taught to be human by recognizing others. Memories relate experience to a kind of continuity we call self interest. How honestly we can describe understanding forms the reality of character.
What we want to be can unbalance what we are. Desire makes us think beyond the contentment with what is. Wanting to be happy sets us up for frustration. Adam and Even wanted to eat from the tree of knowledge.
Nature overstepped its limit when man evolved. Human nature is an oxymoron because thoughts remove mannerisms from reality. Intuition is source of survival. Breath is an automatic reflex until we become aware of it, then we can change it.
The gift of freedom is from the right to choose. By becoming aware of change we have alternatives. To think is the illusion of separating possibilities.
Feelings are the sense of being in touch. We must reach to develop our tastes or we start finding comfort in limited experience.
There are the real eyes and the conceptual eyes, but we only see projections. The improvements I try to make in perception (as an artist) can be projected to mankind.
Know thyself. There is a common vehicle of identity we call the self. To think it has material value will cause selfish impulses. The fluid aspect of life (timing) makes self expression, which is the reason for sharing. The shared experience becomes truth which is basically balanced projections of reality.
Differing opinions create the power perceptions. Batteries and generators need two poles. Power is a two party system. The dynamic of The United States Constitution that overwhelms social evolution is pairing equality with individual rights. As long as opponents respect the need for each other the game gets better.