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Friday, March 31, 2006


. . it is hard not to spindle
and mutilate at taxing times
when fold and clue reasons
dis ease us with fears of
fowl flu crossing borders
into domestic down-time.
Meanwhile uptown traffic
makes it so hard to get though
freeway exit backups
blamed on inappropiation
projects pulled by porky
administrative blundering
factions of war on poverty
floods levees uninsured
for future renovations
caused by bi-polar meltdown
for new-clear instigation's
installing fear-factor floosies
while rising penis-envy
missles of das instruction
feed on soldier idealisms
marching to misdirection. .

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Awaking to change . .

I sense an energy
too confusing to be grasped
as awareness. Sometimes
sensitivity has to
relieve its intensity
in numbness when
I allow truth to become
so conceptual that
its capacity for carrying
reality is shallow,
contrasting the depth
of trust abilities


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sensing secret

The secret isn't behind
The door, but hidden in
It's form, a facade to set
the stage figuratively
through windowed walls
to reveal what
can be imagined
as colorfully valued
butterfly brushes
tickling the senses!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

A)head in heART

What is worse, ignorance or indifference? Don't know and don't care? Knowing enough to care starts understanding. The first self-care seems to be potty training. Knowing better starts as an attempt to please those who care for us but self responsibility starts with the realization of self interest. This is the point of understanding elimination, healthy attitude balances our ability to choose with editing skills.

Being well and staying our best becomes linear awareness. When caring for others starts extending outside the family we develop new lines of communication and the world starts becoming a shape we impose on it. The world can parallel our bodies, what we get out of it depends on what we put into it. Eating is impulsive and develops taste enough to exercise choice. The example families demonstrate can be just deeply ingrained as genes so looking to other sources can round out an imbalance by encouraging individual contribution to the pot luck.

The (way) what we know and care about can change is (in) the fourth dimension of timing. At first self interest barely gives us time for basic needs. It is our better (than) nature that develops aesthetics. In art the heart is ahead of the head.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

joyfully hoping

Happiness and/or sadness is how
I am victimized by materialism,
contentment is the key to
emotional intelligence still,
spiritual balance brings joy.

Friday, March 10, 2006

spread contentment by refraining complaint

Complaints are the restraints of understanding,
trying to pass on response abilities weaken expectations.
Being strong enough to resist complaint builds self-
contentment by balancing choices.
Behavior modification starts with acceptance of
inevitable regrets that pay respect to difficulties
that freedom of choice exercises.
Flexibility training complements strength
enough to rearrange reflexive expectations
to trick self interest into harmony with better
natural mutuality pairing, such as
eyes create depth and perspective,
ears find direction through stereo.
Single minded complaints flatten
the wheels of (r)evolution.
Getting off demands staying on
track long enough to reconnect
around the world reproductive
drives creative urge to merge.

Unless taught otherwise, people tend
to love those who love those they love.

Complaints are the pathology that distort
care into jealousy, greed, and other
personal indulgences that inspire shame,
blame and other distractions from healthy
responsibility for an inclusive culture.


Friday, March 03, 2006


You need to think I'm an airhead
so you can contain me
in a cocoon of complaints but
I know I'm a butterfly

I stay busy more more often
and hopefully smarter than most
would project responsibly
and soar on self-satisfaction.

That's why it is easy to
consider me arrogant because
I'm free from self-judging limits
when potential enlightens my way.