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Friday, October 30, 2009

hard 2 open 2 ideas


Thursday, October 29, 2009

bridge hemispheres


Chief Appreciator Personality

The critical nature of political climate change allowed self destructive behavior to be carried to a level of national compromise.
These reflexes are fueled by debatable self-defense of personal misrepresentation forcing everyone to reconsider what is trustworthy.
Traditionally abusive behaviors are maintained as forgiveness for false resolve, like bail-outs for victimizers, which demonstrates inadequate reevaluation or reparation.
It is the "too big to fail" symptom of thinking that points to who needs therapeutic restraint.
The fact that only speculative jobs exist proves we have lost any sense of reality.

This was admitted to by the president even before his inauguration when he alluded to the two distinctly different Americas. The balance he keeps developing is the appreciating of expression that exposes contradiction with appropriate patience.

Healthy attitude demands a kind of currency that money no longer provides in its weakened state. The deficit provides a number that can credit a value of investment for the real victims of this insurance gamble. The huge job market created by the insurance industry to off-set the decline of production jobs undermined the economic process into speculation.

The timing of the census could stress the statistical knowledge that can validate a balancing of an American story which gives more credit to individual challenges. How health issues affect financial stability is the special interest that offers the most compassionate calculation of treatment practices. The New Deal job creation that did the most repair was the creation of a Social Worker job force. The comparable public reflex has been the growing of a non-profit work force indicating the possibility of a non-debt credit creation as an improvement to bail-out mentality.

The national responsibility to public options for a non-speculative branch of finance means it has bank over all that has been lost the privatizing / privateering way.

Public interest invested in the appreciation of a more promising personality.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

IN& out/line credit relief

The business of selling conceptual products became debt by the fact that nothing exists to return interest except entertainment value.
Receipt certification for ideas. Movies are great examples of selling the story as a production..

The financial system has become a disservice industry as a developed act, like paying for job performance. The characterization is symptom of abuse.
They play with money others have created from resource development.

Farming inspired toolmaking that became a craft of incorporating components.
The product represented standards of production to make it profit for design manifestation, what you see is what you get until details get technical.
Risk is conceptual misdirection of funding a gamble, like looking for a sure thing. What else justifies paying (monthly) for a bail-out you hope to never need to collect?

Misfortune is the motivator to create insurance vehicles, like allowance for extravagance to motivate indulgence.
There is increased desperation to find funding for or from insurance.
Gambling is a rich man's sport that perverts natural instincts into statistics or odds.

Money dominates the values of living that can distract people from the care factor, such as family time.
The deficit created implies a credit to extend values for what is better in the future!

Management recognizes alternating talent distribution to serve the personality of a culture as exchange appreciation. Understanding past dynamics increases preparation for future considerations.
This implies a natural sense of balancing tendencies to dominate partnerships with behavior becoming more trustworthy.

I believe there is a conceptual responsibility to free the governmental influence from faulty financial powers by authorizing influence peddling redistribution of the "lost" money, Innovate healthy attitude development as a debtless risk credit. This could create reparation for the stress invested by losers of a rigged series of disservices like insurance and trust manipulators that got their bail-out cashed out.

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Friday, October 09, 2009


This Country has Food Poisoning. IS it was something we were Fed by THE FED?
There’s a symptom of wealth that distracts us from health. Insurance is a rich man’s gambling game and the county got addicted.

Remember the argument against Lotteries?
Poor men will piss away any future hope. I rarely bought tickets as a happily married guy but after my wife died, a dysfunctional family of pathological values exposed me to traumatic risk. I felt like $4 a week on lottery tickets was just feeding my pet hope, didn’t I spend more than that for feeding the cats?

Domestic violence could be subtle victimization like paying for a future that’s unobtainable.
We invest in the dream that we are rich. WE have been sold a toxic indulgence.
Diarrhea of the mortgage...
..just another captive insurance like who drives without insurance? Potential criminals? Joy-riding kids? Illegal Aliens!

Nobody had insurance when I was gestating in 1950; only 5% of Americans were rich enough, or felt (like they were) rich enough to actually buy insurance, like an investment or paying for protection?
The job market was susceptible to the suggestion that providing health plans (and then add pensions to) attract the best labor force but what if management is about getting the workers indebted?
Could this be the plan of the selfish wealth club .. to sabotage social security and siphon the assurance that social work was designed to provide?

President Johnson's Great Society created the safety net of Medicare to respect those lucky enough to navigate the cancerous growth of risk-based insurance vehicles appearing from all directions, since the objective is creating jobs.
In 1968, didn’t the fastest growing job market seem to be the insurance industry? Acceleration addicts seem to disrespect healthy contentment. Besides, speed limits were made for those who needed to save gas!
Consumerism moved from material product development into the intoxication of victimization, like conceptual CREDIT as the debt for buying the chance to compete, with roulette wheels a spinning!
What quality of education taught everyone to accept monthly payments for services they hoped they never used?

Protection racket storytellers used drama from The Streets of New York, to Casino, The Godfather, Goodfellows, The Untouchables? Weren’t we warned the military industrial complex could become criminal by a President that had been a U.S. General battling the bulge?
Why didn’t we even pay attention to the natural parasite’s lesson of self-preservation? Consider this surprising story.
Even pinworms seem to know they depend on the health of the host to survive. There is no known imbalance they cause in our system. Just because they live in the sewer system doesn’t mean they are corroding the pipes. Au contraire, they are maintenance magicians. The design of their lifestyle has integrity and purpose.
In fact for the minimal discomfort they cause they actually energize their host’s system with healthy hormones. They contribute to pay respect to their agents.

But the corporate parasites pay more to lawyers and accountants to get out of paying the taxed fees that they would expect if respect was what they re-enact as career opportunities, I mean considering pyramid scheme methods their racketeering salaries represent? Could the amount of advantage taken be symptomatic of self-loathing bullies? And if he is in denial, how will the bully know how guilty he is?
And what if depression is symptomatic of denial..can the lobbying abominable NO-men deny their responsibility for The Depression? They say no!

It’s hard to believe natural parasites are more respectful of life than using critical threats. Blame and shame can actually indicate the intentional harm of humankind by disrespect and denial. Could this dumping have turned our currency into a flow of sewage for gestating grubs? Could I suggest we might be at the end of a metamorphosis? Could you be a butterfly?

Behavior still has a choice to work for support or turn critical. Appreciation is praise, and isn’t praise the truest purpose of prayer, but the prayers of the critical seem to ask their Gods for better behavior, even from Them?
It is Monarchy that started the Concept that Money is God-given by birth, so the Kings can appoint Lords to force work from the peasants.

Americans are proud to be part of a work force and have allowed credit offerings to lord over them even to honor the demands of insurance privileges. If this is such a productive system, how did debt get into the picture? Isn't this the cultural casino that pretends some things are still free? Taxation proves the appreciation of hard work fails to respect the worker for the love of money.

American colonials worked hard on their properties only to realize the British Monarchy owned them, but did they (even) know they were collateral to the growing class of parasitical bankers? The Rothchilds? Could that be why the French invested in this revolution?

With paradox training, I can appreciate what the debt potentially represents. The capital that can reverse its value! It acknowledges the failing of capitalistic thinking. It is not up to the public to feel responsible for "too big to fail" payments.

What kind of monarch can call themself a burden on the future? The economic revolution needs more, creative branches of non-speculative credit to maintain the capitalistic commitment.
The capitalist FED walks into the INN and expects to be fed without appreciating the social structure of the kitchen. And the kitchen depends on the farmers to provide benefits of the earth.
The credit for nourishing health can’t be indebted to the ignorance of over-indulgent separatists.

Debt is an excuse to pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.
Why should the social structure keep waiting to be paid proper respect?
Privacy hides the insulting costs of constrictive legal hurdles and referees, in the lobby, distracting from the cons piracy.
Like the desperation to understand this rant is the toxic reality of the imbalanced loss of industrial promises. Chevrolet drives the USA to the poorhouse production line?

Non-profit sector now seems like the only job market with potential growth. Care can revalue behavior of the careless.
What if the best credit vehicle (to neutralize debt) is the deficit! This is the capitalist responsibility and to think we can pay it proves financial stability isn’t in the capital creators image.
Why should we feel indebted to conflicted reasoning?
Didn’t banks make credit from debt before they found their methods mistaken speculation?
Reparations for victims of this racket is in creating a co-operational Care Assurance Network.
To develop participation in a national health program is the least the deficit credit can do.
Get credit for maintaining healthy habits with nationalized C.A.N. dues!

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