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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

IN& out/line credit relief

The business of selling conceptual products became debt by the fact that nothing exists to return interest except entertainment value.
Receipt certification for ideas. Movies are great examples of selling the story as a production..

The financial system has become a disservice industry as a developed act, like paying for job performance. The characterization is symptom of abuse.
They play with money others have created from resource development.

Farming inspired toolmaking that became a craft of incorporating components.
The product represented standards of production to make it profit for design manifestation, what you see is what you get until details get technical.
Risk is conceptual misdirection of funding a gamble, like looking for a sure thing. What else justifies paying (monthly) for a bail-out you hope to never need to collect?

Misfortune is the motivator to create insurance vehicles, like allowance for extravagance to motivate indulgence.
There is increased desperation to find funding for or from insurance.
Gambling is a rich man's sport that perverts natural instincts into statistics or odds.

Money dominates the values of living that can distract people from the care factor, such as family time.
The deficit created implies a credit to extend values for what is better in the future!

Management recognizes alternating talent distribution to serve the personality of a culture as exchange appreciation. Understanding past dynamics increases preparation for future considerations.
This implies a natural sense of balancing tendencies to dominate partnerships with behavior becoming more trustworthy.

I believe there is a conceptual responsibility to free the governmental influence from faulty financial powers by authorizing influence peddling redistribution of the "lost" money, Innovate healthy attitude development as a debtless risk credit. This could create reparation for the stress invested by losers of a rigged series of disservices like insurance and trust manipulators that got their bail-out cashed out.

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