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Friday, September 04, 2009

credit Non-Profit a parent of teens..
I get to observe the reflexes
relative to the debatable behavior of feeling critical.
This has become a discussion to regenerate the power
to redesign vital growth issues.
The challenge of public representation
is that private interest is separatist
and can't be inclusive.
This is the basic property right
of limiting access and making rules.

Profit is the point of taking investment from victim by indulgence of power.
Profit was important for such a great Industrial Age because production costs need a maintenance investment.
Profit is industrious pressure that needs care assurance (healthy habits) and research information (education) to create credit values without debt.

Three branches of economy could expand profits from production qualities
if information principles and
service standards wouldn't have to be profitable
when considered contributive credit.
The public support from NON-PROFIT sector job education is practiced by innovative behavior Kaiser seems to beknown for.

The game of life entitles credit for generating better conclusions.
The reflex to profit over the actions of others is how we define relative values.
Caring starts on a family level even before awareness develops the self-image. Yet, My Mother couldn't wait to get back to work because it WAS community service.
The foundation of maintenance is to discover what causes corruption.
Increasing attention is necessary for the repetitive tendency to develop statistical reasons as interactive balancing points like responsible bookkeeping, which conceptually could be a digital logbook.

The consultant status, that so many have earned, could evolve into polls of information banks that can monitor behavior compliance with efforts necessary to realize trends for more inclusionary public value collateral.
The science of agreement could develop the regulators necessary as mediators relaxing the punitive costs with pride for community development.


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