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Sunday, September 27, 2009

appreciate it

"Love it or leave it!" was a concept I heard expressed during the Viet Nam war in defense of government policies. This authoritarian demand was based on majority rule. Now when people say, "Love it or leave it." and they realize they are in the minority should they be expelled by their own standard?

I understand mediation as attempting agreement. The above paragraph stated a fact then made a suggestion in the form of a question. Could the behavior of a conceptual change attract better values?

I react in a similar way to the people I believe are trying to debate me, so I reflexively react to their terms and limitations of their understanding, (as I see them.) Frustrated behavior aggravates defenses to the point of being offensive. I still suck at relaxing to endure my discomfort with democratic diversity. Addressing frustration could be the introduction to asking what we agree with for the kind of dialog President Obama could be appreciated for demonstrating under pressure.

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