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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Choice IS gambling

My birth was planned on so many levels I was surprised when friends would say they were a mistake. Caregiving is such a powerful reflex, it allows for many mistakes to become appreciated and even cherished. If the best choice is to be supportive, would the critical opposite be a mistake?

What you see is what you accept or reject, your choice to get. Reasoning will either affirm or deny basic styles of awareness like traditional or exceptional. What I don't agree with seems to make me critical.

The critical element will create danger (anger.) The risk factor determines regret. Having a regret proves there was a choice. People use destiny (like religion) to pretend their choices were made by a higher force than just self empowerment.

Habit is a good way to make behavior predetermined. Reflexes are empowered memories that relate to timing. Judgments of the past are remembered as rules.

Exceptions were made before rules or we couldn't all be made exceptional. Is this the riddle of the equal individual?

Questionable behavior reveals unique points of view to be shared.
The collective consciousness is the concept of accessible imagination being a wave that offers reception through invested interest.
We create attraction by defining desires and how they relate to others.
For every action the equal reaction is most recognized as The Golden Rule or Karma. The basic choice is to support or to deny the priorities of our relative realities.

Experience reveals the patterns of growth that become the stories that share relations. We must relate to community as communication of unity if we choose support.



Blogger RafĂ© said...

you have a very bureaucratic way of thinking deep, the variety is also good

9/12/09, 1:33 AM  
Blogger brad4d said...

I strive to be inclusive as possible, my name means the "broad-ford", where people can cross the river, where the deep becomes shallow enough to slow the current so you are not swept away. Thank you for risking me.

9/16/09, 7:09 AM  

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