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Monday, September 28, 2009

me-ting hemispheres

Freud implied that half our brain functions to cancel out excesses.
Indulgence is a tendency we all struggle with.
The idea that we can be self regulating is basic psychological indulgence.
Regulation is the concept of healthy habits passed down from families, communities, governments, spiritual agents, etc.
The habit of denial is an exercise of awareness focusing experiences.

Criticism is the question of what belongs where.
Appreciation will accept reality when critical elements push hypothetically.
To pay attention to critical elements give credit to nonexistent possibilities.
Respect is the supportive ability to credit experience as the prime existence.
Respectable criticism can share honesty that is regulated to do no harm.
Truth is the education of evolutionary change regulation.

Consuming depends on debris management being aware of toxicology.
Healthy attitude is the balancing of behavior.

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