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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Human options

HUMAN BEING is half verb... (being human)
hint.. if being was the noun then human would be an adjective
If you don't understand me..
could it be as a thinking being dealing with feelings, reflexes defend being patho-logical.. (critical limitation)
I try to suggest how a feeling being could develop thought in response abilities... (supportive care)
The choice of awareness is neither just..
a) Appreciation of careful intention (Happiness)
b) Critical conceptualizing of what might be missing (frustration)

Consider the balance as currency between positive and negative poles and how alternating energy is more powerful than direct current... like (Tesla vs. Edison) The direct current needs to keep being regenerated like reflexive conditioning.
Education goes further if both sides of an issue dialog together rather than letting debate fragment the partnership paradox.
The noun is the victimizer and actions are results of what is expected of the victim..
conservatism victimizes the actions of progressive revelation potential.
Respect is the quality that allows public optioning.
The public is human but being is optional? (on having a being)

What good is having money if what is done for it devalues the quality of being content?
We tolerate the frustration because we think we can buy happiness?
Can the human being be healthier than being reflexive, to deny options?

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