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Saturday, December 12, 2009

3 Angles

Why are the conditions of Application
relative to Atmosphere
of appropriate Attitude?

Could this be a triangulation like the Christian trinity recognizes a teacher.
Everything is about whether more or less of this or that changes the climate.
Standards are imposed by past assumptions which represent truth.
Every assumption that is written as a law or right is a contracted behavior designed to indebted compliance methods.
That assumption may be the reason for taxes to exist as symptomatic indebted servitude.
This is how job market positions act as social services which first must come from tending the land to connect with seasonal management observations.
When production was humanized by an Indus-trial Revolution, there was waste consideration without balanced value.
The denial of indigenous rights for life liberty and pursuit of contentment reflects limited ability to manifest apathy.
Our capacity to care creates the atmosphere of elemental adjustments, like three branches of government.
Triangulation is the energetic result of partnership development.
When two contributors combine their values to express a greater value.

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