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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

for giving knowledge

Performance enhancement is reaching beyond what's known.
God was too aware to think Adam and Eve wouldn't eat the fruit of knowledge.
Reflexively they blamed the warning instead of appreciating how creative the suggestion might have been to avoid that reflex and the apple.

What if a better parental model would have been that God told the first (teen-age?) couple that any instructions will be ridiculed because choice is a *joke? (*that kills the getter or the giver dies)
What if God warned them that choosing to eat that apple will change the conceptual / mental attitude of appropriate behavior?
CHOICE is either resolved with support or questioned by advantage indulgence.

Response can be critical or supportive as the basic choice.
Criticism seems symptomatic with frustration.
Support is the reasonable happiness.
When choice validates it is supportive but any variation on previous knowledge could become critical.

When Cain attacked Abel he tried to blame God for being critical instead of appreciating his sacrifice. This is the reflex of judgment that causes war.
Sharing is the only remedy for dis-ease caused by imbalanced contentment.
The amount of our time spent being content is the value knowing thy self.

The behavior of blame, shame, and threatening are symptoms of critical toxicosis.
The effort to appreciate is the value to increase being which is a primal growth drive.
Peace within is the struggle that the First Noble Truth (& Christianity) suggests is the value of suffering in order to forgive.

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