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Sunday, November 29, 2009

trust capital worthy?

Capitalism is the production of capital honestly. Our economic system became falsified by the development of derivatives. Security has been packaged as an investment for inevitable disaster. Insurance companies claim to be indebted to our monthly payments but have proven to generate distrust. The ideal of paying for a service we hope to never use implies a variation on honest work was allowed to help create a *job market.

Insurance and credit vehicles are designed with planned obsolescence.
The debt being created proves that capitalism is becoming more untrustworthy. The way debt has been imposed on conceptual responsibilities for passing on real services for lawmaking, like producing contracts of salary.
We have been reflexively hypnotized, like how many times have you said, "fine" to someone today? Even contentment must be balanced with the struggle for happiness to overcome frustration.
Happiness could simulate capital as a payday, but contentment is the worth of effort to perform appreciation. We neglect that declining periods are necessary for balancing power dynamics. Partnerships create energy so to tap this dynamic, capitalism matches credit with debt.
Now the reaction is that more debt is evident than capital of the last productive revolution. The technical educational era can become evolution of credit if we change the materialistic indebted value of a deficit.
Representing the future investment for a new interest in service qualities with no penalty for efforts that challenge majority trends. Trustworthy operating system is a digestive process of improving the feed qualities.

Keep producing increasing debt and reverse-capitalism becomes a slavery agent, and those who can buy out of their country's fate prove treasonous.
The equality issue Senator Obama addressed before his inauguration indicates he could consider a reparation CREDiT system that IS Federal and has (in reserve) the whole deficit as a promised value to find who is responsible & who is deserving balanced books and better ways to pay it forward... like public options to support medical practice variations.
The new job market (like social work of New Deal times, or *insurance growth of Great Society politics) is to mediate a census of behavior allowances between victim and victimizer and transform concepts of infrastructure. Statistical proof needs to balance polled opinions, piggybacking a double growth of creditable information energy.

..with the bail-out IS proof that victimizers turned capital into a weapon of mass destruction. Those who broke it must buy the penalties they prop up.

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