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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Re:design (of) lobby

Health care reform isn't half the problem that lobbying reform is!
Lobbying is the most parasitic behavior we could pay for / approve of.
Isn't it responsible for the economic misuse of values?
Corporate interests have proven to be the death of public options / freedoms.
We can prove that this has become a revolt and declare citizen's arrest against revolting practices, in law, in medicine, in deceptive journalism / advertising, etc.
Honest representatives feel knowing better (than what is) is the only hope / investment.
Money is the monarch that must be replaced with three branches of economy that support healthy balance and education by removing penalizing debt from a more enlightened credit.
Let the production (for profit) interests remain the gamblers on a separated track as they become as obsolete as The Fed.
Please let the Service Era and Information Age evolve from The Indus-trial Revolution to a non-profit family of philanthropists by forming a National Trust from the figuring of those who believe there is a deficit.
The money? is lost? by creating? a debt/credit? for the future? to pay??? Fertilizer!!

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