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Monday, November 09, 2009

free legal process

The Legalization Game is the trick of taxation.
There is a natural world that should be ignored by government for democracy sake. How much for research and development? Any growth still free of charge?

Liberal libertarians conceive many regulative practices could be naturalized.
Washington and Jefferson were growers of industrial hemp that just tipped the iceberg of potential products that were rejected by legislation bought by William Randolf Hearst to assure more newsprint business for his lumber and paper-mills profiting from his forest properties.
That inappropriate governmental spending warns us not to make legalization a control business but to find freedom from victimization by repeal.
Convert-able government acknowledges that forms of power limit the energy conceiving equality through representation models.
The point of law has us pinned down like experimental specimens. There is a point of conception, & point of conclusion, all points in between have purpose or is that just a line?

If you are convinced Public Option is something Government can control, then consider your freedom to choose insurance, or not!
Jobs are about creating payments from natural domestication controllers. Teaching is about sharing experience, not just words on paper.

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