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Sunday, November 08, 2009

quality conscience

The value of supporting the future with taxes has become anti-matter.
What matters has turned too conceptual to qualify as matter.
The deficit indicates symptomatic behavior reflexes to deny responsibility as mob blame for best public option to distraction by private exploitation.
That lost money is the "Too Big" part that must be distributed to consumer base for failure of currency to regain credit.
The Fed needs a suspension like a bad student for the allowance with the census to credit a trustworthy information bank / crypt.
Honesty is the best policy for integrity in education balanced with exception as the chance to become more exceptional.
Medical history files should earn salary credit with invested practice schedules that improve health motives. Every doctor is surprised how each patient needs to be payed to do what is best for self-care.
Care community credit should neutralize misdiagnosed percentage of delinquent payments to victims of undeniable systematic abuses by denial and limits.
Being self evident is the emerging property from conceptual appreciation as awareness stimulation.
Generosity is the creativity to increase energy from what matters.

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