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Sunday, December 13, 2009

what expands peace?

We have to uncover a new premise for economic expansion.
The concepts of democracy and capitalism may have become a toxic hybrid.
Capitalism stopped existing with the first derivative and economics became deluded with dilution.
The concept of credit as assurance became insurance gambling based on the debt needed to create bonuses.
Atmosphere is teaching us that all materials are balanced and there is no extra.
The concept of bonus is bogus.
This is the kind of self-consumption that simulates cancerous pathology.
Awareness of indulgence is how consumption mediates healthy balance.
Something stops being represented when taxes start paying for defenses.
Less equal opportunities happen when war is invested in.
A Department of Peace is the mediator of the supportive purpose, when we finally admit that war will always be mistaken power over those with limited representation.
There is little democracy in time of war.

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