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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

educate awareness game

Awareness is a game of attention.
The teams are CRITICAL versus SUPPORTIVE. The Garden of Eden was supportive until the critical apple-seed of knowledge started the game.
The more balanced the score responds with contented fans sharing spectator satisfaction.
The energy is in structuring and stressing rules of the game as innovative interest develops from the efforts of risk in confrontation.

CRITICAL teams have need for dominance.
Their questioning nature allows for outside authority to provide rules / direction.
They would always win if reflexes weren't self constricting.

SUPPORTIVE teams create exceptions (to the obstruction (of the rules (to maintain flexibility (in design. Unreasonable discomfort encourages revelation as personal. Am I hurting your brain yet?

Getting to the point is the critical objective, but the supportive research must explore variations of maintaining offensive point acquisition.
Appreciation as a credit for effort is less obvious than critical certificates of being indebted by historic events by champions.

Coaching is the supportive participation of educational values.
Suggestive methods are more supportive than critical authoritarians.
Coach? much energy in freedom from the game plan?
(..are you critical or supportive of this suggestion?)

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