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Sunday, January 03, 2010

American Value Game

The pride of American behavior is about cultivating the most fairness.
The reflex to pay for what we want & get is healthy self sufficiency.
This relative value has been replaced with monetary documentation.
That has allowed people to make too much out of credit as interest.
Patho-logical imbalance makes debt to prove promise powers.
Equality is the sharing of senses to provide for the stimulus of body energetics.
Partnership starts in the hemispheres of our brain... or egg & sperm..
Two points of view create perspective and stereo ears sense direction
Social credit is how people are valued for experience in group dynamics.
American revolution triangulated three branches of support & now economy is revolting
The deficit is the response ability for private incentive reverse reparations in public options to restore balance. Could figured losses cover damages if allowed as credit?
Since doing the right thing cannot make wealth happy, suggest contentment to admit
obvious self evident manifestations and conditions.
This image reveals the spiritual capacity to be content knowing how much must remain unknown for time to exist as preparation for future emergent properties to seem chosen.
Gambling must be declared indulgent unfairness. Could be only reason for privacy..



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