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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

more well & fair

How many jobs wouldn't have to exist if people didn't reflexively try to hurt each other? How much of our job market depends on that irresponsibility?
The answer could be the path to a well / fair society.
Indulgent people fear the indulgences of others.
If we could learn response abilities for healing desperation might there be less abortion by choice?
The work needed for a contributory society would give credit for educational interests.
Every effort to improve our health should be credited as a paradox to charging for ignorance.
Our capital system makes demands for profit as authoritarian dominance dictates.
The cure for "PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET" is to get more back for all you can CONTRIBUTE (invest interest yields appreciation.)

If War is Hell and poverty is hell, poverty is a war wound.
Let me point out why our policy needs to understand peace for those in poverty offers less aggravation on the wound.
Poverty is religious devotion to some who truly practice acceptance democracy.



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