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Thursday, February 11, 2010

gambling social security

There is behavior so toxic, it fails to be supportable.
Conceptual threats manifest as blame and shame.
Critical domination is the example why humans need empathy for the defense of respectable principles.
Denial of others is the weakness of others for powers like political entitlement.
The failure of refining power with progressive natural sustainability is the pathological subsidy.

The teachers who can illustrate this deficiency compensation can convey power as energy investment.
The spirit of health is the adaptation of experience into relative educational eras of sharing as redistribution.

The physicians' job is to entertain the patients while they accept the time it takes to heal systems within our greater selves.
The power of the great depression to ruin the sustainability of so many families allowed for a New (Deal) job market of social work as an energetic empathy.
Consider the name Salvation Army, which not only distributed fish and loaves but taught many how to fish and make bread.

The purpose of Social Security was to provide a basic assurance.
The paradox is how insurance has a pathological twist to include gambling.
The reason only 5% of Americans had insurance in 1950 was that it was understood as a wealthy man's gambling game by the prosperous.
In 1958 my dad joked that he would have to get insurance now that my mom was getting her drivers' license, later came the consideration of no-fault policies.
Insurance was created and evolved into a job market parallel to the concept of derivatives.

Profit represents production values.
The Industrial Revolution used the fuel of profits to run a corporate course at break-neck speed which left domestic production in the dust.
The low compensation for teachers (and education in general) was that it didn't create a product (or become a respectable job market fast enough.)
Consider how conceptual and intellectual property was exploited by Westinghouse in the power development game with the patents for alternating energy which left Edison's linear concept of direct current flat.

The power of credit became pathologically connected to insurance when we were required to pay every month for a value we never hoped to need (or use.)
The encouragement of exponential growth in the Insurance Industry came from President Johnson's Great Society.
The credit for Medicare is that it recognized that workers would gamble with insurance payments to a point of over appreciation and substitute for saving.

Social security honored the risk people are willing give as attention to people other than wealth. Individual freedom is perishable enough that.. an assurance policy is what The Constitution was designed to inspire from supporters, too bad critics become so easily perverted to gambling.


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