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Thursday, December 07, 2006

pooping money?

I validate spending money on the lottery by considering it a pet. I'm just feeding my pet hope. I don't let it get fat (buying too much) by waiting until it is over 26 million, since they award yearly payments, I wait until I'll get a million a year! The numbers are posted in the county section of my paper so it is connected to my community and I would love to be a philanthropist (& art collector.)
I use birthday numbers so sometimes Alex says, "only one dollar?" as he flattens my crumpled entry. If the pot gets tempting I'll add a quik pik (& spend $2.) I try not to indulge in front of my kids but my daughter wants a new kitchen so much she started encouraging me.


Blogger Imemine said...

So these are your five things, more or less. Nothing wrong with all of them.

12/7/06, 10:27 AM  
Blogger bradford said...

I know my usual writing explores confusing concepts, so I thank you for directing my subject to more real aspects of my life.

12/8/06, 5:50 AM  

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