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Monday, March 29, 2010

America's lump

If I were to say America just doesn't have it anymore..
what would "IT" imply to you? democracy? prosperity? jobs? power?
Capitalism doesn't exist without capital so what seems to be gone is the profit of production.
The Industrial Revolution left a "for profit" mentality that can't properly credit the rise of technology.
Technically speaking service and information can't be turned into a product.
To sell information and service for profit means that innovations have to be withheld for profit and marked up and up.

The presentation of information is a service that creates entertainment values.
Poetic understanding allows for suggested donations.
The proof is the growing reliance on a non-profit job market and volunteerism.
Even rationality is a derived entertainment value of the latest acceptable truth.

Power reflects the spirit of energy from the source of choice.
Consider the most prevalent source of electricity is the coal generator..
Everyday the supply of coal is slightly depleted..
What if some kind of replacement lump could be manufactured from hemp?
The cultivation of "green coal" could be a renewable alternative source, manufactured to evolve the design of preexisting generators with less toxic maintenance.
Coal shows symptoms of harming the earth and leaving huge scars..
where as cultivation can be considered a natural harmony..

America doesn't have the original respect for self sustainability or the generosity of equality.

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