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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

threats of design

Corporations have separated themselves by their style of earning consumer support. Production gambles on evolving abilities to provide for the public need for tools and fuels. Betting against American workers hollowed out their buyers budgets, then add advertising indulgence.
Profit was the fuel for production but the BRANDING Era makes profit a derivative of marketing.. conceptual values reflect trustworthy information.. Enthusiastic students should get credit for their studies, NOT BE DERIVING A DEBT! (relative to professional potential)
There should be a participation assurance for educational advancement. Each individual gambles more every year that a job waits at the end of its program. Colleges are doing the research and development for marketing, design, engineering etc. while corporations SHOULD only concern themselves with production for profit development. Education is a creditable resource agency for talent development and quality mediation as regulation advisers (i.e. teachers, lawyers, social workers, philosophers, psychologists, fabricators etc.)
Government is representative of everyone contributing supportive options of information and services. There could be no taxes if the work of education and health services were properly credited in a different form than profit associated with industrial production.
The most important service encouraging healthy body maintenance credits each citizen as a valuable resource. Quality food production and medicinal practices could be a credit to the value of national priorities. Developing the healthiest lifestyles should earn individuals credit to participate in the therapeutic practices that waste lesser degrees of effort invested.
What I envision is that the market could adjust with the Fed becoming more healthy in practice if two other branches of economy were developed from the derivative figure the deficits (and foreign debts) represent. Create a national credit union to redistribute misappropriated investments owed from the gamblers (of obsolete banking) to the victims that deserve respect for their innocent support. Blame and shame will get no one anywhere & threats must be designed out of existence. Trust fund redefinition (& redistribution) is the best vehicle for conceptual property development to unite a state of better balance. The deficit is a trust fund derived from untrustworthy perspectives! IF we were all representative Americans, exercising governmental participation, no one should have to pay taxes..


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