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Saturday, February 13, 2010

VictimMISERS sold US

The reason Obama became president was the behavior he demonstrated INDEPENDENT from the system.
In 2009, when he first sat down publicly with just Hilary he demonstrated the ability to turn debate into dialog (with a responsible person.)
He acknowledges expanding awareness of the polarization imposed on American ideals. The two Americas he alludes to have become multi-dimensional frustrations. The support he shows is patient, too patient for the extreme power of the military and the banks to be forced to be realistic.
Business as usual is not going to work but his timing must be genius and inspired.
Democratic party behavior could allow him to create an Independent movement if he hopes to take any liberties.
Enough population is Fed-up with partisan pick-pocketing of the governmental assurances that insurance industries reserve to cover their gambling.

Financing allows deficit thinking to undermine what credit could support as the best growth potential. The attachment of expectations have become unreasonable and unbalanced. Penalties are a derivative of lessons that should educate for better credit. Losses are symptoms of the need to change values.
The way President Obama admitted his losses at The State of The Union Address indicates more initiative than the status quo can maintain in its present form. SO I urge independence from the beholding system.

Rename the the financial system controlling the government because it negates Federal credit with nothing in Reserve. Creative Independent Banking could derive credit support from the deceit of the deficit. Reward citizen participation in programs to learn and stay healthy.
The public option to respond in time by getting credit for reporting health concerns could save unnecessary expenditures (for profit purposes.) Check-ups should be like census. Willingness to honestly admit all pharmaceutical experiments could expedite the kind of record-keeping applications that could benefit human health continuity. Build trust in computerized records as representative of valued conditions of maintenance.
Doctors (and other students) who practice invested education could earn respect if credit was healthier by removing the parasite of debt. Respecting the patient could be a provisional credit for appreciative behavior. Diagnosis is harsh enough!

The dynamic of choice is that it is either appreciative or critical. Evaluation (appreciation) is a process that judgment (criticism) tries to cut short. (with incorporation?)

The President must realize by now he is independent of corporate interest and must invest in appreciation for recreating credit as a new constitutional convention from the derivative values stolen by the misers to make the public victims.. Expensive campaigns must be exposed as untrustworthy.
The distrustful attitudes of advertising (& framing) must become better understood.
To prove independence from financial blackmail, candidates must use new media (& supportive journalistic events) with the code word "NON-Partisan" for unity sake.


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