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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

con fused knowing

At the times when the world seems too critical, there must be ways to appeal for support?
I must ask you to maintain support for my explanation and observe how the critical awareness changes as a choice of consciousness.
Awareness is the creative consciousness redefining life and projecting as self-expression.

Self image is the critical element of reaching beyond destiny.
Earth as a garden of Eden was created as the ultimate supportive nature before the knowledge of history tears us from a sharing destiny.

Knowing, that we are paired, separates human consciousness from the inevitability of nature correcting for us, by consideration of toxic mixing.
Human nature is an oxymoron.
Mankind has a life-span in the image of each human and critical knowledge can spend or extend that budget.
Energy is a paradox to control the power of too much (indulgence) at once.

Appreciation of life is paired with respecting death, as similar to needing two legs to stand on.
The body is a handy example of many pairs that allow multiple support systems to work together to reach beyond limitations of each separately.
Two eyes create the third dimension of depth and perspective, two ears, stereo.
Was it the separated halves of the brain that created the tree of knowledge?

For better of for worse we must struggle with ourselves to re take mistakes.
What if the creator did not tell humans not to eat the apple of truth but that it would change our consciousness to be critical?
Can we forgive ourselves for misinterpretation?
Is the defense impulse that critical?

To support what I am implying demands that you learn contentment with confusion.
To be aware is to step out of unity in order to observe it.
This frustration is also what allows for happiness.
(this was inspired watching The Time Traveler's Wife)


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