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Thursday, February 25, 2010


The privateer movement may have stolen the power of democracy.
The idea that the public could be honestly represented is fading.
Too many of us hear representatives speaking of opposite values as if we are not the people worth life, liberty, and pursuit of our happiness. Who are they trying to convince, or (just) con?

The con behavior has to be recognized and properly adjusted for.
We have all experienced the feeling of admiration to someone wealthier than us but did we realize this is authoritarianism? Every spiritual practice warns about money changers and usury. Conceptual value is where the attitude of conning comes from. The con is a risk because of penalties from mistakes that should have educational values to draw from. Why does penalizing others make some people happy? Happiness is inevitably related to someone's frustration, which leads me to the con we agree happens as malpractice. Any effort to remain in balance I would like to consider as the best compromise of contentment.

Could the most powerful source of discontent lead back to the dynamic that campaign finance represents? Taxation is an inappropriate demand to finance our own repression. Defensive conditioning is the main reason for influence peddling. The Bible was the most influential publication from the invention of the printing press until Common Sense by Thomas Paine. He was able to express observations of behavior that changed the human condition to allow for more freedom. When monarchies privately owned countries by god-given decree, battles were normal ways of maintaining boundaries. The American revolution was the realization that individuals could exemplify better behavior if they related in harmony with shared efforts to expand boundaries.

Public service was the personal gain of participation. The government could be all inclusive if participation was creditable. People who believe in smaller government could be encouraged out of the way by proving their private interests erode the power of public options as choice controllers. The constitution implies participation is entitlement for the way that "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" implies educational and health assurances. Proof that democracy makes individual conditions an asset is the appreciation factor. Who makes that seem debatable?

Efforts to maintain national values should strive to be more inclusive as the definition of an evolutionary peace movement. The symptoms we are going in an opposite direction is in how tax dollars become foreign aide as military expenditures. Why do defensive people seem threatened?

Bipartisanship keeps looking more like private party membership in competing sport clubs. The competition for representative positions is a cost growing process that wastes half of the investment on inevitable losers. Selection of quality behavior seems to have resentment built-in, generated by how we choose. For better or for worse, the evaluation process needs (a third branch of) respect to relax the penalties of harsh judgment. Personality is a derivative used to cover-up experiences that justify needs for privacy from penalty so we can reveal our pride.

The rate at which we understand behavior projects attitudes to encourage optional growth. Privately taken, this rate can abuse standards of coexistence. Could that growth become a tumor? Relaxing the anxieties these clusters of habits symbolize deserve attention. The study of balance is an evolving educational investment that any system claiming equality would consider able to mature insurance to become assurance.

The old way is the cons way that will keep working without equal investment in evolution. The TV is on to the Health Summit as I write. Watching dialog develop makes me recognize the effect of my attitude being supportive or critical.
I consider the critical situation that automatically doubles costs by making sure there are two sides to everything, both needing to be paid for time spent.
Style of partnerships portray characters of participation in roles of representative values. Balancing responsibilities reflects recognition that membership becomes cancerous with overindulgence.

Controlling the market is in the reason to encourage consumerism. So marketing demands consider more responsibility than financial balance. Public representation must realize that acting government allows too much privacy to not become privateering. The pirates code is a critical revulsion of public compromise that allows for adaptability beyond reason, so don't forget historic cycles. There has always been cons-piracy. Now its called networking as the most agreeable intention.

The attraction to this trait has to be first step in treatment behaviors to advance better health technique so that being healed will advance sharing the story as information. Consider why information gathering reaches for levels of intelligence.
One person's medicinal treatment reveals what could be more careful for others if sharing was a greater credit to self-supportive rights. Suspicion is the cost of being a freedom seeking human.

Deficit thinking allows the responsibility of derivative thoughts to create assets for conceptual properties. Doesn't this allow the deficit gamble on the public be lost to the credit design of banks? Couldn't the reality of living balanced demand that the credit for their figure should be distributed to the default winners (of the payment position) by their place in the market? The ticket holders are the more obvious victims. Students should come out of college with credit for what now appears to be a debt. Health is the asset of a citizen that could be an allowance credit. Reward individuals for healthy appointment histories as a right to "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness." Lifespan care extends to the health of a culture.

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