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Saturday, October 01, 2011


Conclusions mean we're finished hereā€¦ ?

Conceptual thinking is the start of something new. It is literally beyond reality to have consideration for something that hasn't existed before. That IS what makes the human element unreal, and there in lies the capacity to destroy our own environment, thus proving us uncivilized. Non-existence could be becoming our responsibility.

Sense abilities are derived from the sense that triggered awareness. Response abilities develop when experience becomes a partner with awareness to generate perspective.

The example of two eyes which have drawn similar individual conclusions of a flat world, UNTIL, as partners in awareness, the proper spectacle will allow an emerging property of a 3rd dimension, increasing conceptual values, thus the quality of a view.

Did I allow a glimpse of "something else"? NO CONCLUSIONS! Is it a questionable freedom to conceive when change is necessary... ?



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