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Monday, October 10, 2011

Future debt actually credit

Forgive all student loans and redistribute the debt

(which derived credit by future asset paradox )

paying everyone who wants to take classes,

So when doctors will have the most credit,

they could pay their practice,

& train their patients patience to adapt

thus improve the healthy attitude of DO NO HARM!

Respect is for beneficial practice building

We could import care-giving,

the healthiest attitude ever developed,

AGAIN, as cultural evolution!

Develop a department of peace

and start jobs to mediate class wars,

drug wars, political battles! etc. . .

The debt of derivative, gambled at our expense,

symptomizes their loss by being too big to feel.

The treatment is a compassionate movement to

remove tumors of wealth that obvious clog the system,

also by doubling the circulation we dilute abusive discrepancies.

The debt amount credited is exactly what is needed to balance greed

with appropriate upgrade in social securities,

that will then extend understanding as educational values.

This substitution of appreciation for the critical reflex

will demand paradox recognition of empathy encouragement.

The symptom of manifest destiny tortures (still)

the conscience of fair treatment standards.

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