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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

facing double standards

Freedom acknowledges honest admission of traps.
Freedom in Relation
~ struggles with the choice to behave restrained in relation to how standards become values, to share with family, schools, communities, countries, religions.
In Response-Ability
~ healthy curiosity expands the possible choices that mean freedom.
In Respect
~ spend consideration on what was sacrificed for the style of budgeting.

Credit is an investment, it is interest in systems that give concepts financial values.
This is the need for a product in a profit-driven society.
Information and service is being transformed into material charges.
The cost of special interests creates a power of misinformation, questioning qualities, taking advantage of freedom to take rights of others.
Deficit is a symptom of lost choice implying irresponsibility.

What should free (US) from falling for the profit curse is that "under God" implies donation. Religions create a spirit of support by donation. If services were performed for "suggested donation" jobs would have more spirit. The balance of self-sustainability could start a business movement to be "not-for-profit" libertarians. This changes capitalism to allow for the paradigm shift from a product-producing economy to the Information (and service) Age.

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Blogger Axion said...

I have thought about this concept (work for donation or perhaps barter) for many years.

When you consider the way communities operate today vs. how they operated in years past, the differences are striking.

I can remember many ocassions when people in our community rallied to assist one or more families who needed some kind of work done around their home.

There was no expectation of reward, it was simply "the neighborly thing to do".

Growing up in an area that was frequently visited by bad weather, we often had to endure hardships as a community that required cooperation. We did this without hesitation.

Last year I experienced this in a similar way when I helped some friends clean up their office building after the flooding in San Anselmo.

But this approach could easily be applied beyond dealing with hardships.

We could find ways of bartering or working for donation where people were fairly compensated and/or able to sustain themselves and deal with their responsibilities.

It is difficult to do this in a society that does not make it easy to opt out of the capitalist machinery.

I must say that I like the idea and I think it would address a bigger concern I have.

And that is, the side effect of our current society is that people don't need to care about the people they transact with each day.

As long as they pay the asking price there is no obligation to care anything about the people you interact with.

The side effect of the approach you suggest might be more care and respect for the people who provide us the products or services that we need to survive and to maintain the quality of life we seek.

2/15/07, 11:06 AM  
Blogger Charles Bergeman said...

Brad (and any others who may respond),

That comment from Axion was me, not Axion, I inadvertantly used a clients login when making the comment.

Please do not bother them with any comments that should be directed at me.



2/15/07, 11:09 AM  
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