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Thursday, April 12, 2007

unprecedented awareness?

Can awareness be content with the rate of expansion? (Time of life?)
We are waking up everyday to possibilities.
Qualities of freedom demand the risk of mis-takes.

Our punitive system (like the elections that prop it up) are becoming too costly.
The winners are inconsiderate of the victimization created by the advantages they take - too much of human nature detaches from natural integrity (& is toxic.)

Happiness is being righter than the frustrations of wrong thoughts. (Thinking can hurt?) What portion of thinking is wanting - desiareah?
Desire to be happy is escape from frustration and would not exist without it.
Happiness is the satisfaction of physical needs for food, shelter, costs of health, preparing for seasons, paying taxes, conditions of environment, etc.

Comfortable conditions are the evolution of contentment as healthy attitude.
This is Emotionography as a conceptual application of education.
We need to learn how our feelings accept naturally or criticize when separated.

Conflict resolution has an ideal in restorative justice (which seems conservative.)
Libertarian acceptance of less rules gives credit to exceptional growth potential.

Enjoyment is the SPIRIT of being balanced in the endeavor of the moment.
Balancing faith in the experiences invested (in training) can neutralize tendencies to fear how much unknown will continue to expand (with consistent unpredictability.)
Faith can be constant as (a feeling) prepared to accept fear as natural appreciation of freedom becoming unprecedented (new power sourcing.)


Blogger Charles Bergeman said...

It is the balance many seek that you speak of.

Today's society provides opportunity for a select few to achieve this balance.

There is some irony there too. For many who have this opportunity, the awareness required to achieve it is not there.

Those who are aware, are often penalized for not playing the game by the societies rules. These rules have become inhibitors to balance.

And yet we are all required to play by these rules whether they meet our needs or not.

I feel a shift in values is needed. Awareness is part of that shift.

Communication of the need for balance, recognition of inhibitors, and identification of value adjustments that can facilitate it, can sew the seeds of change.

You have made a good start here.

4/12/07, 9:03 AM  
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