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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Earth is an INTEGRITY!
If we lose the harmony, humanity must be pushed aware!
The more we have stolen from nature's bounty the closer we become to a parasite. The symbiotic responsibility is the nature of care-giving.
Relationship respects response abilities.

Let US respond to imbalance with the obsessive need greed has created from care-taking.
Being indebted is their incorporated fate.

To APPRECIATE a new value system, the word, credit needs to become reattached to creativity (in terms of redesign.)

Natural tendency appreciates until human critical rationalization approaches life pathologically.

Human Nature has become a paradoxymoron.
Awareness can contain freedom (to evolve) in definition (obsession of limits)
anarchy is too fearful a word for how freedom becomes from love evol-ving beyond laws . . .
let's find the APPEAL to REPEAL (government indebtedness)

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